Reviews for Super Mario All-Stars

Reviews for Super Mario All-Stars for Super Nintendo

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BEST of the Best (Christopher Buehner in Florida)
  September 6, 2018

Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES gives you all the best 2D side-scrollers of "Super Mario Bros." as of when it was released. You get the original 'Super Mario Bros' (originally released on the Classic NES) but with 16 bit upgraded graphics; You also get 'Super Mario Bros.' #2 and #3 and my personal favorite, "The Lost Levels" from the original game. You get all of this in one Classic SNES Cartridge.

Good quality (Ciera in Pennsylvania)
  August 17, 2018

Game works great just as i remember i will definitely purchase more

Amazing (Angie in Alabama)
  March 1, 2018

Just amazing

Super collection (Aaron Wong in Malaysia)
  January 10, 2018

Better graphic and audio than the original Mario games on NES.

The game is really good and fun (Valene in Texas)
  January 9, 2018

Had a little trouble getting the game to work at first but once I clean it, it worked just fine. The person I gave them to as a gift really likes the Super Mario All-Stars game and enjoys playing it.

Thank you, Valene

Best Mario game of all time (Juan in New Jersey)
  April 14, 2016

It bringave back memories the best game in my childhood

Best of Show for SNES (CRAIG HOWK in Florida)
  December 26, 2015

The one software package a Nintendo gamer should have. Great value with Super Mario 2, Super Mario 3, and the Lost Levels in one package.

It's a me mario (James Horton in Missouri)
  October 22, 2015

I loved playing this game a long time ago on NES. When they made this game for the SNES I knew I wanted it. I'm a true fan of retro gaming and a master at mario bros. momma mia looks like I'm off to save the princess again from the evil bowser I'll catch u later bye bye from Mario universe. Jjgames is awesome to buy anything from them. Everything works 100% every time I buy something from them.

Great games (Robert in Texas)
  September 30, 2015

Great games at an even better price.

Best SNES game (Luke M in Indiana)
  September 27, 2015

I've recently re-bought a lot of old NES and SNES games and this one, by far, stands above the other SNES games. It has aged well and is still as fun as it used to be, unlike many of the other old games. It has made my purchase of a Retro system worth the money.

Love JJGAMES (B.Simmons in Alabama)
  July 16, 2015

Love the game and LOVE JJGAMES!

Classic Collection (Brandon in Pennsylvania)
  May 11, 2015

The best collection of Super Mario games to date.

The whole family loves it! (Andy in Minnesota)
  November 11, 2014

Everyone in the house, even the four year old, can play and have fun. It's great.

A classic game! (Cindy JEan in Alberta)
  August 19, 2014

One of the best for nses

Brings back childhood memories (crucialconflict02 in Pennsylvania)
  May 21, 2014

Loved this game since it first came out. Super fun! Brings back great memories of simpler times in my life.

Amazing (arezou taghikhani in Virginia)
  April 18, 2014

This game brought me back to my childhood and the quality is amazing ! I'm now on the hunt for donkey kong ll

Amazing (arezou taghikhani in Alabama)
  April 18, 2014

This game brought me back to my childhood and the quality is amazing ! I'm now on the hunt for donkey kong ll

A must! (Firecam93 in Florida)
  September 15, 2013

If you loved the classic NES Super Mario titles, then this is a must own for such a Mario enthusiast.

Just like old times :) (Jessica G. in Washington)
  September 9, 2013

Game works great and is good shape. I will definitely buy more from here in the future, fast and reliable shipping. Pleasure doing business with this site!!

super fun game (Anonymous)
  August 29, 2013

very good game

Mario Bros in action (Anonymous in Wisconsin)
  August 2, 2013

Has all games in the series

Super! (cindy jean in Quebec)
  July 11, 2013

One of the best games ever!

Good game! (Anonymous)
  July 11, 2013

Good game!

What's Old Is New Again (Mike Buhler in Saskatchewan)
  May 14, 2013

Isn't it great that older games come back to life as we pass our knowledge down to our kids? My son is now hooked on "old technology", so to speak. He loves to play the games that were cool when I was younger.

Best Mario game ever (Matt in British Columbia)
  February 18, 2013

On this super Nintendo cartridge you get the first three super Mario bro's games and the unreleased Japanese super Mario bro's 2! Four classic games now with better visuals and the ability to save in between worlds. No one with a super Nintendo should be without this classic game.

Great times (John in Ontario)
  February 16, 2013

Awesome game. I havent played the lost levels before. a lot of fun!

this game is awsome! (Luna Gomez in Puerto Rico)
  October 11, 2012

Im a 90s kid :") .... and back in PR Mario all starr was all we ever playd!!!! Best childhood memo with this game lol....its entertaining...kind of addictive!!! :) i love it.... SOO CLASSIC!!!!!!

Enjoyable (Victor in Alabama)
  July 21, 2012

Surely brings back memories. I like this game because the graphics are better than the orginal NES.

4 classic performers in one package what's not to like (Matthew in Ontario)
  March 25, 2012

Its a classic. Its what I was looking for as a gift for someone. The price was right for a complete copy and was in very good shape. I'm very happy with my purchase.

First time customer very impressed (Quiana W. in North Carolina)
  February 24, 2012

I was very happy with my purchase. Not only was the cartridge itself in great condition but the game plays very well. Service was fast and I will be buying more in the near future.

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