Reviews for Super Metroid

Reviews for Super Metroid for Super Nintendo

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My favourite game as a kid (Ryan in Ontario)
  May 3, 2019

Ordered Super Metroid complete in box for a great price and it was in immaculate condition! I live in Canada so shipping is always a worry, it arrived within 20 days with absolutely no issues! Thank you J and J crew

favorite game ever (Michael in Texas)
  March 1, 2014

Great game! Great condition! No complaints here!

Amazing game (Avery Grimshaw in Louisiana)
  April 24, 2013

My only concern was that the game chip was loose inside of the cartridge...the game had worked after holding it down in the console and THEN turning it on, but otherwise it works perfectly! I will definitely make another purchase in the future!

Best game on the super nintedo EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Anonymous)
  March 22, 2013

One of the best super nintendo games in the console. Over 64 Megs of memory in the console, and it is worth all of it. its a long game and its worth all of your time. BUY IT!!!!!!!

A Classic (RT in Texas)
  February 5, 2013

If you're really into retro games, then you already know of the value of Super Metroid. For those who don't, it is an excellent game. The atmosphere is great, the game has nice animation and sound, and plenty of secrets to find. The game can be beat in under 3 hours, but for first timers it usually takes around 6 or 7 hours. I could go on for quite some time about this game, but to make a long story short, this is easily one of the best games on the SNES.

Good deal on JJGames, great game (Josh in Michigan)
  September 27, 2012

I was lucky to get it at a lower price than normal/average when new stock comes in. My "good" condition looks perfect, almost new. Game ran immediately without a cleaning.

The game itself is very expansive and one of the better (or best) Metroid games I've played. I've played versions on Gamecube, GBA, and NES -- this one is my favorite. There is a lot to explore in the game and you'll put a lot of hours into it. It's well worth the money even if the cost is as close to a new title on a modern system.

Way cool game (Carson in Texas)
  July 12, 2012

Take me back to when I was a kid only playing metroid a the mall store somewhere or renting it but I never got around to buying it till now.

LOVE THIS GAME! (Harry Ubinas in Ohio)
  June 29, 2012

Super Metroid is one of the best adventure game for the SNES HANDS DOWN!!! Lots of secrets, upgrades, exploring, and huge bosses!! Its a great game!!

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