Reviews for Wave Race 64

Reviews for Wave Race 64 for Nintendo 64

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Great game (Sandie in Pennsylvania)
  January 17, 2019

My grandson is very pleased with this game. It was a gift to him and he loves it

Great deal (Matt K)
  May 3, 2018

My game came in great condition, and worked right away, however if your game does not I recommend a q-tip and some 91% isopropyl alcohol and rub the connectors to clean the game.

Works well (Glade in Florida)
  February 16, 2018

I bought Wave race for a great price, and I got it for a great price. Works as it should. Would order again.

Awesome game, works first try everytime (Jonathan fernandez in Florida)
  September 5, 2016

Great game , good price, works every time in the first try same as all other games I have purchased from your site, including the N64 itself works great

Awesome (Kyle in New Brunswick)
  November 6, 2015

Certainly worth getting. Great tracks and great music make it even better.

Wave Race 64 (Lee in Alabama)
  August 14, 2015

This is one of the first games I played for the n64 back when the console came out, it brings back so many memorys, I love it!

The game came in perfect condition and plays great!

Must Have (Chris in New Brunswick)
  February 12, 2015

Must have for the system.

Great Buy! (Anonymous in Ontario)
  October 17, 2014

Another top-shelf game from JJGAMES.COM, excellent prices, quick shipping - what more could you want?

Staple of the n64 (Dennis in California)
  May 3, 2013

Thought this game was a hidden gem. It has great visuals, solid controls, and awesome game mechanics. It's not terribly engrossing, but is a consistent performer when you want to have fun on the n64

An N64 Classic (Adam K in Ontario)
  March 18, 2013

Wave Race 64 is a perfect example of what makes the N64 so great. Amazing play control that is simple to play, and difficult to master. The outstanding wave physics take a simple racing game to an whole new level, making every lap different from the last. It is a fairly short yet challenging game, with plenty of re-playability as you will try again and again to better your previous time, or score. A must for anyone with an N64.

Good Racing Game (Stephen in Texas)
  March 5, 2013

One of the first N64 racing games I remember liking. If you like racing games, then Wave Race 64 is a great addition to your collection.

Good (Anonymous)
  November 9, 2012

Solid racing game, classic

Love this classic game. (Eddie in California)
  November 4, 2012

I used to play Waverace" when I was in High School... good times.

In my opinion, this is one of the better N64 games. (Bill in Michigan)
  October 29, 2012

In my opinion, this is one of the better N64 games. Simple controls, addictive game play, good graphics, low price, and this game has held up through the years better than most other N64 titles. A great value priced addition to any N64 libary.

Fun for all (Justin East in Virginia)
  September 3, 2012

Love wave race 64 brings back memories. This game is fun for all.

Great game (Dan G in Quebec)
  June 20, 2012

I loved this when I was a kid and now I still love playing it with my own kids!

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