Reviews for Illusion of Gaia

Reviews for Illusion of Gaia for Super Nintendo

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Best game ever (Chris in California)
  February 24, 2019

I love this game, I can play it for hours

Awesome game (Pedro Freitas in Portugal)
  December 24, 2018

I wasn't aware of this game's existence as i only read about it this year, and besides having played soul blazer in the last 15 years, i never knew about the enix "trilogy" for the SNES. So far so good, it's probably one of the best action rpgs on the system.

Great game! (Anonymous)
  July 2, 2015

Fast shipping, great game!

One of the greatest SNES action RPG (Kevin Ouellet in Alberta)
  June 15, 2013

Similar in gameplay style to Zelda series, Illusion of Gaia is part 2 of the unnoficial Soul Blazer trilogy. It is simply one of the best action-RPG for the SNES and is a must try!

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