Reviews for Street Fighter II

Reviews for Street Fighter II for Super Nintendo

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its street fighter 2 (dubby in British Columbia)
  June 21, 2018

seriously? sf2 has influenced an entire generation of beat em ups. its awesome. you know what it is.

haven't played much of the various remixes capcom kept releasing, but this is the original, so therefore the best. obviously.

Inexpensive Guilty Pleasure (Anonymous in New York)
  September 8, 2015

I got this as a kind of personal collector's item. I actually bought this game when it first released so many years ago and I remember paying GameStop $80 for it. Being a bit of a "rabid" Street Fighter fan, I've dumped tons of quarters and dollars in the series over the years. So, you can imagine my surprise at finding a way to replace my cartridge after all these years and for next to nothing.

awesome (mondo rad dude in Alabama)
  September 14, 2014

Great game, simple and brings back memories. I don't get into the other street fighter games because this is enough for me to throw the controller, lol.

5 stars (Anonymous in California)
  August 7, 2014

Love this game and kid's love it too . Worth every penny when purchasing this game.

Best Game (Luc V in Quebec)
  October 28, 2013

Good price

good game (Tim Stitzel in Alabama)
  April 29, 2013

only complaint,i have is a dead save battery, no biggie since the can be replaced

great game! (lewis in Kansas)
  April 20, 2013

This was one of many games from my younger days. Great game!

one of my fav!! (sagi frenkel)
  February 17, 2013

for me this game is iconic! really recommand you all

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