Reviews for Super Gameboy

Reviews for Super Gameboy for Super Nintendo

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Good choice (Myra Nagy in Colorado)
  September 5, 2019

It works on some gameboy games but not all of them. It is for my mother who does use it all the time, so it is great.

Awsome (Verni Franklin in California)
  November 24, 2016

Works great, still fun. Magically takes me back to my childhood through a nostalgic day dream for the 1-2 hours that I have it in use. When I turn it off, I'm 30 years old again.

Fantastic (Skittlez in New Jersey)
  October 29, 2015

This is the best way to play your old gameboy carts on the big screen. The colour pallets and boarders add a nice charm to any game. The only draw back, in my opinion, is that when playing an early GBC (black) carts you loose the full colour pallet and gameboy color enhancements. Oh well.

Awesome!! (Tina N. in Iowa)
  October 4, 2015

I like that you can still play Gameboy games on the Super Nintendo!!!

worth it (one in Alberta)
  July 1, 2014

definitely worth it

Great (Ron in Manitoba)
  November 15, 2013

Best thing for game boy games(other then a Game boy player for Gamecube)

Works fine except... (Braleven in Alabama)
  May 1, 2012

I used this for Tetris and Pokemon Blue. It was very enjoyable and customizable (you can alter pixel colors or draw a border). But there was one issue...

My Pokemon Blue could not save correctly, perhaps it was the game but I'm not positive. I am able to save with Pokemon Blue on my Gameboy Color but on the Super Gameboy it wipes all the memory.

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