Reviews for Xbox System

Reviews for Xbox System for Xbox

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Mr. (rajreovt in NY)
  February 9, 2018


awesome (Joel Weese in Florida)
  January 14, 2018

excellent console,will buy another soon

Game performs great! (Michael Gunn in Texas)
  January 8, 2018

Company was a pleasure to do last minute gift shopping with. The equipment was well packaged and looked like new. Arrived on time as stated in purchase.

Great System (Anonymous in New York)
  May 25, 2017

Works like NEW.

Ok (Gladys Kuhn in West Virginia)
  August 19, 2015

Console worked but controller did not. No separate controller on your website so I ordered one from another vendor. Returned your controller with note saying I had replaced controller and would like a partial refund. You sent another controller. I really appreciate the customer service, but with shipping charges and controller issues, I paid about double the original Xbox plus controller costs quoted by you. Moral: make sure reconditioned stuff works before you send it off!!

Coolest Game Ever (Josue Corchado in New Mexico)
  August 6, 2015

This item arrived at the right day but the condition of the Controller didnt work only the system.

xbox classic from (Josh Stone in Pennsylvania)
  August 6, 2015

got my xbox from you guys and I haft to say I Am Most satisfied.

been using my xbox for a good 2 months now and its working great. came in the mail in great condition no scratches or smudges :D

great system (Anonymous)
  July 9, 2015

excellent condition. arrived sooner than expected, and the included controller was an unexpected surprise

Works great!!! (Brint in Alabama)
  June 9, 2015

Excellent products and customer service.

awesome (yourmom in Chile)
  April 14, 2015

This is the best console of its time and about 85% of the games work on the xbox360 so if you already have an xbox360 this really isn't worth buying unless if you have an annoying brother who hogs your xbox360 like me.

xbox (Monica in Texas)
  February 20, 2015

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with jjgames. I had to make changes to my delivery info and I was contacted by email almost instantly and a very friendly and helpful employee did exactly what was needed to make sure my package would be delivered to the correct address. I will never use any other company for retro games and consoles. jjgames IS the best.

Mr. (oiuvjani in Andorra)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in Andorra)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in Andorra)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in Andorra)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in Andorra)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in Albania)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in Albania)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in Albania)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in Albania)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in Albania)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in NY)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in NY)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in NY)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in NY)
  January 16, 2015


Mr. (oiuvjani in NY)
  January 16, 2015


Great Service (Lori in New York)
  December 22, 2014

I was given an Xbox console and had nothing but the console. Thank the gods for JJ games. Saved me hundreds of dollars and had all the cords and controllers I needed as well as tons of games. Great customer service at the Destiny USA mall. Thank you JJ Games. I'll be back many times!!!!

Awesome website (Vegas #1 in Nevada)
  December 18, 2014

My 1st try of jjgames and I'm very happy got a 1st gen Xbox with operation flash point and the old ghost recon and everything looked brand new and well kept I'm definitely going to buy from this website again for morrowind

Xbox (toxic in Alabama)
  November 11, 2014

I'm Xbox fan I have all three gen's now Xbox 360 just got my Xbox one

love ur (dylan regan in Massachusetts)
  October 2, 2014

its the best it works fine i buy lots of games im buying more games today for my xbox i love jj games

Best Game Console Ever (Cameron Menefee in Tennessee)
  April 4, 2014

The Original Xbox is one of the best systems ever made. Great selection of games, best online play, best innovation, and best graphics of 6th generation. Overall, if you a big fan of shooters, racers, and action type of games, then this console is for you!

best game system ever made (jb in Iowa)
  February 21, 2014

Works really good and have no problems with it. Very impressed by the way it was packed up for shipping and very well taking care of. Got here on time Will buy again.. : ) Will do business with you again when i need too.

My birthday wish (Dorian Shavis in Arkansas)
  January 11, 2014

This is going to be my best birthday wish ever because as of Monday January 13 is my 14th birthday!

A good buy (Joe in Florida)
  January 3, 2014

The xbox is a gaming console that is kinda dead-ish.

Games The most important thing of any gaming console is the games and this game has a great library of games,skating,racing,fps,and other genres to satisfy many gamers.

Packaging-intro I'm gonna ramble about the packaging of the games and compare them to others packaging of ps2 gamescrowd:ya)

Packaging The packaging for the games are green and gray for greatest hits compared to playstation 2 that has black cases and they didn't even bother to change the case for greatest hits how cheap!!!

Controllers-warning I have yet to use the big and old controllers for the system

Controllers The S controllers for the xbox feel pretty good.Enough said

Hard drive The hard drive for the xbox can store a lot of data.

The xbox is a pretty good system and has become kinda obsolete because of the 360 but I still it's not completely obsolete because some games aren't playable on the 360 plus the xbox is cheaper so I'll say that this system is a good buy.

xbox system (robert trumbla in Nebraska)
  December 2, 2013

the xbox system was the right price jjgames was fast on shiping it.

The xbox is better than I expected (Darryl Mangipano in Louisiana)
  December 1, 2013

I set it up and played one of my old games on it without any issues.

Re Living Childhood (Ryan in Massachusetts)
  July 30, 2013

Received the xbox right when I was supposed to. The system looks and works like new and the 2 games I ordered with it look fantastic and work fine. I would recommend jj games to all my friends and will certainly be ordering from them again

got what i payed for (ricjhard)
  July 7, 2013

see above

grandchildren love it (Karen in North Carolina)
  July 4, 2013

the Xbox looks great. I have to retouch the button twice sometimes TO get the disk tray open but its a great system. JJ GAMES is a great place to order from. I know i will order from them again. Keep up the good work.

Xbox live (anonymous in Arizona)
  June 27, 2013

Does not connect to live.

Love it.. (Andre Williams in California)
  May 2, 2013

Had to buy the original xbox to play both Matrix games that hasn't been made for new systems.. Great seller.. Fast delivery.. Would buy from JJ again.

I need to relax box with a controller in (Odie Anderson in Iowa)
  March 3, 2013

send it doesn't keep up in the house and 1 boy videos games

Great (Dan)
  February 14, 2013

I wish I could c pics of system

System works great (Raedean Dodge in Colorado)
  January 24, 2013

Looks and works like new, it's awesome, I now need to get more games for it.

xbox!! (tonyb in Pennsylvania)
  December 9, 2012

this is our third purchase...and they are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

big and heavy but has potential (joseph gutierrez in New Mexico)
  November 26, 2012

the first xbox is big clunky and heavy but it has a lot of this that make it a good system. It has a hard drive witch mean no memory cards some you can have a lot of game save on the xbox. It did have xboxlive but it unusable now but in the end the xbox has good exclusives and a study frame

Works great for an old console (Anonymous)
  November 19, 2012

Bought it for my 7yo son who just had to have Sonic Heroes, but the game wasn't compatible with the Xbox 360. It was cheaper to buy the old Xbox console than to upgrade the Xbox 360 to make it compatible for that one game.

fun for me (Anonymous)
  October 26, 2012

good product

Used Xbox (Bob Boynton in Oregon)
  October 5, 2012

It's about the same as my original.

My son's game consule (Dee in California)
  September 20, 2012

He bought this with his own money to play Gauntlet. Xbox is out-dated so finding accessories and game can be challenging. JJGames have a big selection of the old game that you can't buy at the store. It works very well though and my son enjoys it.

good deal for price (Robert A. Kennedy in North Carolina)
  June 21, 2012

The x box is in excellent condition. Work perfect.plays games w/o problems.

Best Customer service ever! (Kirk in Florida)
  June 18, 2012

Receive my orgiginal Xbox with a wireless controller that didn't work. Emailed customer service, they responed the next day, and a week later had a wired contoller in the mail that worked perfectly! Will order from JJGames again for my old school gaming needs!

best system, best price (Brian in Georgia)
  June 7, 2012

love to play retro games this is one of the best systems. will buy more soon.

Excellent (Mark in Alabama)
  May 15, 2012

Excellent service-- and mint condition game and player! thank u jjGames

fun for the kids (t_dryverr in Kansas)
  April 13, 2012

the xbox i purchased works very well im glad i chose jjgames to purchase my xbox.i didnt know who i could trust when buying an old system like this but jjgames followed through and didnt sell me a piece of trash, i am very pleased.the next system my kids want is a playstation 2 so they can play there old game,jjgames will be who i buy it from.

i ♥ it (ricardo in Florida)
  April 9, 2012

i am glad to order from the xbox ix on fair conditions and working grate! :D

XBOX (Jim in Alabama)
  March 22, 2012

Looks like new plays great very satisfieed

xbox system (Anonymous)
  March 19, 2012

once again as usual your products came through with flying colors no matter what i buy from these guys i get perfect condition items i recomend these guys to everyone thank you

Best Ever (Jodi in Illinois)
  February 25, 2012

My son really enjoys his xbox. He bought 1 game and it was only compatible on this system.

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