Reviews for The Lion King

Reviews for The Lion King for Sega Genesis

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Eye candy (Jimmy in Quebec)
  August 14, 2013

Lion King is definitely an impressive game. If you've watched the movie as a kid you will appreciate it all the more. The difficulty is rather..intense though, and even frustrating. Contrarily to games where despite being difficult, they are quite enjoyable, this one has pushed too far in the "cheap difficulty" direction with bad collision detection and arbitrary decisions. For example, in the stampede level you just have to play it over and over to understand how it works - passing it is less dependent on skill than experience. When you're jumping on the logs in the next level you will want to close the game, because the difficulty lies in how long and repetitive it is. This could have very well been a 5/5 game if not for these issues, because graphically it is superb, as you play through level 2 listening to a classic lion king song, hopping on giraffe's neck and hippopotamus with a beautiful orange-purple sunset in the background, a sudden spur of nostalgia will grip you. It is impossible not to get engrossed in the game's perfectly captured lion king atmosphere.

fun for kids (bruce in West Virginia)
  July 16, 2013

for a kids game its pretty fun.

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