Reviews for Mario Kart Super Circuit

Reviews for Mario Kart Super Circuit for Gameboy Advanced

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Underrated classic (Some Guy in Tennessee)
  July 3, 2018

This is basically a better Super Mario Kart with more courses. Great game that doesn't deserve hate.

Great condition; great game. (twnwlf)
  January 14, 2018

Great condition; great game.

Beatifull game (Gastón flores in Chile)
  March 2, 2015

i love this game, its in a good condition. Thanks "yiyigames"

Mario kart at its best (Richard OBrien)
  February 9, 2015

what can you say. I don't think there is a bad Mario kart.

Great game (Victor in Chile)
  January 19, 2015

The game was in perfect condition

Awesome game! my kid loved it. (Imran Naseem in Ontario)
  January 19, 2015

I was impressed with the graphics, didn't expect much from a gameboy game because of screen limitations but it still have enough details to keep the kid interested.

Lots of fun (Jeremy in New Brunswick)
  August 18, 2013

What can I say it's Mario Kart. If your a fan of Mario Kart now you can take it where ever you go. I play this all the time and love it. Thanks JJ Games.

Great buy! (Brian in Florida)
  July 2, 2013

I think it is a great buy and i will definitely buy again from JJ games.

Pretty good (Daniel in Manitoba)
  January 26, 2013

Mario Kart for the GBA is a pretty good game. It plays a lot like the old SNES game. It works and plays well, but it's not great or anything. There's a nice variety of tracks and a good cast of characters. It's fun if you want something to simply pick up and play.

not as good as super nintendo game. (sv in Texas)
  September 13, 2012

This game is advertised to be like super nintendo version but it Cleary is not

Mario Kart Super Circuit ( MKSC) a great game for the gameboy (marco benavides in Alabama)
  June 11, 2012

Mario Kart Super Circuit a great for the gameboyadvance,gameboymicro,and the DS or the DSlite it dosent matter because they both can play gameboy games.This is a game with modes of singleplayer,multiplayer which is up to 4 players,and timetrials this game has a lot of great coruses it has great and clasic characters such as mario,luigi,yoshi,peach,wario,dk,bowser,and toad. Also clasic coruses such as rainbow road,bowser castle or other wise known as bowser castle2 on Mario Kart DS. Its a great and fun game just like any other Mario Kart so guys I hope you guys buy it.

good game bad price (marco benavides)
  June 9, 2012

I know that 75% off sounds good and it is good don't get me wrong it is just that when you ship it its going to cost more for shiping and handiling and that makes this great game and great price less great if it was just the price it says was true I would realy buy this game and if I could I would give it more than 5stars but cause what the total price is that is why I gave it 3stars.

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