Reviews for Earthworm Jim

Reviews for Earthworm Jim for Sega Genesis

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Fun but difficult (Bryce Langston in Texas)
  April 7, 2017

prepare to be challenged in a addicting way

Lots of fun (Gary in Alberta)
  March 18, 2013

BIG time fun for everyone. I read that that this game does not work on the wii when downloaded due to problems with the controls. I bought this and it works great. The game is funny and check out the cheats online!!!

Classic goofy platformer (Croz in Florida)
  January 31, 2013

Earthworm Jim is a great game. It is a solid platformer that is a ton of fun. However the over-the-top goofy humor is what makes this game a classic. Many games have copied its slap-stick style gimmicks but none have successfully ever captured the charm of earthworm jim. Get it!

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