Reviews for Sonic Spinball

Reviews for Sonic Spinball for Sega Genesis

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Great Pinball Game (Chuckzom in Indiana)
  December 6, 2018

I absolutely love this game, makes pinball fun. Must have for retro collectors. Nice price as well.

great classic (Luis Adorno in Puerto Rico)
  July 5, 2018

this was my first game when I got the sega genesis. Great game and difficult to finish.

sonic spinball (Anonymous)
  February 8, 2016

very good great game to play with the whole family !!!!!!

A pinball game with Sonic character (Bertodecosta in Indonesia)
  November 3, 2015

Basically it's a pinball game with Sonic character. Great game for a pinball game, a decent game for a Sonic game.

Great (Frank Nav in Quebec)
  November 4, 2013

JJgames give the best prices and the games are in great condition. Thank you

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