Reviews for Vectorman

Reviews for Vectorman for Sega Genesis

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Fine game (Mykola in Ukraine)
  February 8, 2019

Good game for collection

Good game (Mykola in Ukraine)
  February 8, 2019

One of the best game from childhood

Awesome game (Kori in Ohio)
  February 19, 2016

The game was shipped fast and came in great condition. Definitely buying from again soon!

Get ready for a run and gun platformer adventure! (Grayson in Arizona)
  April 26, 2014

Vectorman is an underrated run and gun platformer. This game deserves way more fame back than and now. Oh and thanks JJgames, You continue to impress me.

Gameplay and level design: Smooth as butter controls, fun and addicting shooting gameplay and the platforming mechanics are awesome. The levels are so much fun and creative to :D

Graphics, artstyle, and overall design: The graphics and artstyle remind me a lot of donkey kong countrys on the super Nintendo and that's awesome! the levels are gorgeous looking and the character models look nice and smooth for 16-bit.

sound and music: The games sound effects are way too loud. Sometimes I can barely hear the music which is a shame because the music is really good. One of the best soundtracks on the Sega genesis. Overall the game sounds nice but only if there was a way to turn down the sound effects a little (especially the shooting sound effects).

Story: Most games back in that era didn't have very descriptive or sometimes didn't even have a storyline. this game takes place in the year 2049 (I think) play as vectorman and clean up pollution and toxic sludge XD oh and destroy robots lots and lots of robots.

Length,replay value, and difficulty: Its not too long of a game and there isn't any replay value which sucks but the game is pretty difficult at times.

Score: 9.5/10

Final verdict and conclusion:

Pros: Nice shooting and platforming gameplay, decent storyline, awesome soundtrack, nice graphics and art design, and fun levels.

cons: No replay value and game is kind of short even for the 16-bit era, and games sound effects are a little too loud.

Great Game (DZero in Illinois)
  November 24, 2012

Game brings back a lot of memories and I was glad I was able to find it for a good price and in great condition here ^_^

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