Reviews for Mortal Kombat II

Reviews for Mortal Kombat II for Sega Genesis

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Fun. Entertaining (Dee dee in California)
  April 1, 2019

Just as good as ever

True Classic (Ed White in Louisiana)
  January 15, 2013

Awesome game! Still fun after all these years.

Best fighter game for Sega Genesis (Steven Pourciau in Louisiana)
  April 21, 2012

I give a 5 stars a sega game, 4 a port. The 5 star port would have to go to the super nintendo ans sega 32x versions. This game is one of the best in the series and gameplay is AWESOME! The only downside to the sega port is that is lacks most of the audio that is included in the nintendo version, Raiden yelling while flying, speech for fatality, flawless victory, ect. Overall very fun. If you own a genesis 16 bit, then you need to own this game.

best mk ever!! (sagi frenkel in Israel)
  March 3, 2012

well this game for me is the best mk game ever!! if u buy it for your sega gen you need to have the 6button pad or else you wont be able to play mk the ay it should be. great game looking good on the sega console

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