Reviews for WCW Nitro

Reviews for WCW Nitro for Playstation

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Once Your n.W.o it's 4 LIFE (Eric in Indiana)
  November 2, 2016

WCW Nitro For the playstation in my opinion is an Underrated Wrestling Game that absolutely nails the WCW Atmosphere Better than any other WCW Game Ive ever played Graphics The Graphics Look awsome for the Time this is playstation one people and in my opinion they looked almost real the Game opens up with mean gene oakerland welcoming us to WCW Nitro With th authentic WCW Nitro theme song blairing in our ears it has the best Roster for that era all the best WCW n.W.o Superstars are here in force luger hogan nash hall flair arn Roddy piper and more we are somewhat limited in modes it has singles and Tag exibition as well as Championship Tournament for the belt Sound this game has great Commentary for it's Time featuring the voices of Tony Schivane bobby hennan and mean gene oakerlund as well as generic but enjoyable rock music playing during the matches the crowds are really into the action weather chearing DDP Or booing hollywood Hogan it Creates the excitement and ambiance of a live WCW Nitro Crowd! Arenas the Game has all your Favorite WCW n.W.o arenas BASH AT THE BEACH Nitro WCW FALL BRAWL WAR GAMES HALLOWEEN HAVOC And More! Game PLAY The Game is a hybrid between classic fighting games and Wrestling each Wrestler has a Unique set of moves signatures and Finishers that are performed by button Combinations sutch as triangle triangle square for hogans big boot mean gean! while Wrestling you can do taunts to regain health and Sting macho man have some voice work macho will do his trade mark ooooh yeahh and Sting will do the WHOOOO Animation the move animations look fine it's all hear from the stinger splash hogan leg drop macho elbows to Giant Choke slams and Diamond Cutters finally During matches there is almost a 100 percent chance of getting jumped by the n.W.o or a Horseman depending on who you are and if you turn the feature on or off you can wrestle in and out of the ring witch is cool Unlockables this game has a ton of Awsome unlockables Characters and arenas from Aliens to Santa clause even a Dinosaur it's all hear I'm Writing this Review because almost nobody sees the things WCW Nitro Did Right when you Combine the music Voice overs Crowds fast paced action getting jumped by the n.W.o it makes for the most Authentic WCW ATMOSPHERE In a WCW Game EVER This game in my opinion is better than WCW VS THE WORLD AND REVENGE In the words of kevin Nash and Scott Hall WCW Nitro Is just Too SWEET!

Very cool brought back memories (Terry Martin in Georgia)
  April 14, 2016

Had this in past and sold it. Glad I had chance to get back and play it with son.

Nostalgic fun (Shaneo_Draino in Oregon)
  September 9, 2015

This game may be a lot of fun for late 90's wrestling fans but doesn't reinvent the wheel gameplay wise. The wrestling is sort of button-mashy and involves a lot of repetitious button spamming. Still this game can be a lot of fun as a multiplayer game and worth several solo playthroughs to unlock new wrestlers.

awesome game (Dwayne Miller in Alabama)
  June 14, 2014

This is the best game ever I'm so glad I have it again

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