Reviews for WWF Smackdown

Reviews for WWF Smackdown for Playstation

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My nephew loves it!! (Keith Dyer in Georgia)
  October 18, 2018

Replacement game for my nephew and he was thrilled to have it again to play. We had so much fun playing it before and so thankful JJ Games had it so I could get him a replacement for the lost game.

A mix between arcade and sim (Daniel in Manitoba)
  July 12, 2013

Having been a fan of the Smackdown and WWE games since a kid I started with WWF Smackdown. The gameplay is fast, wrestlers get up almost immediately, and the controls are great. If you like a faster paced wrestling game, this is a game for you.

this brings back a lot of good memories (Shirley Rougely in Texas)
  October 10, 2012

I had just started playing this again recently and I have to say this could easily beat any of the modern day wrestling games in my opinion (wwe'12, 2011 etc.) hands down. sure the graphics aren't the best out there but the gameplay more than makes up for it in matches(especially the season mode where you can play with favorites like the rock, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin and many others or create your own wrestler and go for the gold (but you have to go through pre-season first to earn points to increase your wrestlers abilities to prepare them for season mode).up to four people can play in season mode together so make sure to invite friends over for some good times. if you're looking for a good wrestling game get this or try out the other ones like WWF Smackdown 2 Know your role,WWF Smackdown Just Bring it or WWE Smackdown Shut your Mouth.

pretty good (Oliver Lopez in Ontario)
  June 18, 2012

This game was pretty amazing, and it never freezed

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