Reviews for Brutal Paws of Fury

Reviews for Brutal Paws of Fury for Sega Genesis

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I Like it. (Bryce Langston in Texas)
  March 11, 2017

It's not the best fighting game but if you take it for what it is. A Martial Arts Tournament with Stat Keeping for how you do with characters and it seems like graphics may truly never age to the point of an eye sore. Diffuclty yes, took me forever to beat the first guy, I didn't look up move list until later. Then it become somewhat easier. Not sure if the difficult or my skills as a player, as I'm no novice in fighting games.

Not As Bad as told (Bryce Langston in Texas)
  March 11, 2017

It's not the perfect game. In theory what they were going for was admirable, as the game actually has a bit of variety as as levels/stages/chapters what have you...but some last what feels like forever and fighting different colored ninjas gets repetitive quick. The first stage shows the most promise for the game. Which is Tick jumping buildings and being knocked or jumping down between the two to have many mini boss battles. This is a genius way to fit more of the rogues gallery, but you call alot and there's only 4. (one Clark Kent, you have to pick up kryptonite first.) The rest of the game tries for a streets of rage feel from a Iso view. Not the best and Moth helps with a call in where he clears the screen of enemies akin to Batmans Flash bang thing in Batman Returns on Snes. Ticks Sprite and animations are nice, the sense of humor from the show and the comic are there but in small doses. For a tick fan. a must have, but how many of us tick fans are really out there?

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