Reviews for Mortal Kombat 3

Reviews for Mortal Kombat 3 for Sega Genesis

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Trash (Jeff miller in Washington)
  October 28, 2019

Did not work threw it out

The best fighting game for Sega Genesis! (Alexander in Russia)
  May 11, 2018

"Mortal Kombat 3" is one of the best fighting games on 16-bit consoles and is one of my favorite games! The game has awesome graphics, cool music and sound and excellent gameplay. I played it many times in my childhood and youth (and alone, and with friends). And the game never bothered me.

great (tristian smiley in Alabama)
  August 3, 2012

Great game

nice (tristian smiley in Alabama)
  July 25, 2012

Good to play a classic that. Actually works!

mk3 good game but no that good (sagi frenkel in Israel)
  March 5, 2012

i used to play mk3 long time ago and for a long time too on the pc. it was fun time indeed and now you can sprint and make combos. but i dont know i prefare mk2 beeter... dont get me wrong this game is a must on your system(sega genesis) pure fun new character and moves but something diffrent from mk2

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