Reviews for Super Mario Bros Duck Hunt World Class Track Meet

Reviews for Super Mario Bros Duck Hunt World Class Track Meet for NES

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good game (scotty in Texas)
  January 22, 2017

Bought this game mainly for duck hunt since I already had Mario bros and thought the track game would be an extra fun one. Wish I would have known the power pad IS required to even play it. If I had known that, I wouldn't have got this game; I would have just saved a little and bought Duck hunt only. I wish there was a disclaimer that stated this. YOU MUST HAVE A POWER PAD TO PLAY WORLD CLASS TRACK MEET.

Best Game Ever  (Sébastien in France)
  July 23, 2015


Good game! (Kat in Ontario)
  March 19, 2015

Shipping was slow (I live in Canada). Took about 3.5 weeks after the order date to arrive. Game came in working condition but it was a bit glitchy so I just did the brasso oil and q tip and it started working great. Recommended. (Reminder that you need the zapper for duck hunt and the power pad for world class track meet)

a timeless classics bundle (Joseph in West Virginia)
  March 9, 2015

Was a little dirty but I cleaned it up very nicely and it works great

A very special game!!! (Luis E Jimenez in Arizona)
  July 8, 2012

What can i say about mario and duck hunt, we all know that games but the world class track meet was a very fun game, that i used to play for hours with my cousins...

It was the first idea to create the wii??? Interesting don´t you think???

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