Reviews for Blades of Steel

Reviews for Blades of Steel for NES

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Good game! (TobieS in Georgia)
  September 7, 2018

Fun simple hockey! Easy to learn gameplay nice graphics cool music! Low priced game under 5 bucks for a NES classic hit can't go wrong! Thanks JJ!

Best hockey game out there (Tobie in Georgia)
  August 23, 2018

Fun fast competitive hockey by konami! Includes fighting I like it very fun easy to play! Go get it is a good one.

Awesome game (scotty in Texas)
  January 22, 2017

Love this game. Best hockey game for nes hands down!there are other good hockey games out there for nes, this one is GREAT. Needed a little cleaning to play correctly.

Fun (Pj in Ontario)
  March 23, 2015

Great price fun classic hockey

Classic Hockey Title (sambora114 in Michigan)
  September 7, 2013

Very enjoyable hockey simulation

Much like other NES games, it's easy to pick-up and enjoy immediately

Best Hockey Game for NES (Brent in Illinois)
  January 21, 2013

Pretty deep hockey experience. You can play single games and playoffs. There's fighting, shootouts, and even a random minigame between periods. This game is only limited by the NES's lack of buttons, making the goalie control perpetually linked with the D-pad and shot aim determined by an oscillating arrow on the goalline. All in all, it's a fun game whether you're a hockey fan or not.

Hands down best hockey game (Anthony Dembinski in Massachusetts)
  December 12, 2012

Maybe even the best sports game if you like action.

Favorite NES sports game -- great against a friend (Josh in Michigan)
  September 13, 2012

This is without a doubt one of my most favorite competitive sports games for the NES. It plays very well and the fights and penalty shots are a nice plus over some other hockey games for NES. Very fun against another player.

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