Reviews for Crystalis

Reviews for Crystalis for NES

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Fun old game. (Rach)
  November 30, 2018

It was a fun action-role, playing game. I enjoyed it.

Amazing Action Adventure on NES (Fab in Ontario)
  September 25, 2014

Probably the best top down action adventure game on the NES next to the Legend of Zelda. A lot of the puzzles and "where to go next" may require some internet research but apart from getting stuck, the game is very fun. If you like LoZ or Secret of Mana, definitely worth the buy.

Unique RPG, very challenging (gigabusterEXE in Ohio)
  November 26, 2013

I've heard form friends that this was a pretty good game and I was not disappointed! Highly recommend for any RPG NES fan

great game thats overlooked (Justin in Alberta)
  October 17, 2013

Fun game. Dealing with jjgames is a good experience

Great game (ONE1 in British Columbia)
  September 30, 2013

Great game, wish there was more action rpgs like this for the NES

It's A Game (opdif in Alberta)
  July 12, 2013

On A Console. Zip Zop Zoobity Bop

Better than Zelda (Wesley Peacock in Arizona)
  April 16, 2012

I played this game for hours on end when I was a kid, and finally found it online to purchase. Of course, I had a walkthrough this time, so I beat it much faster, but still an amazing game. And so rare! I've never met anyone else in my life who played this game as a kid. This was RPG before RPG even knew what it was! The game arrived super fast from JJ Games, and worked perfect. Thanks for nostalgia!

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