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Reviews for Nintendo NES Console for NES

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Excellent Condition for NES, Just Replace the Peripherals. (Anonymous in Indiana)
  October 25, 2019

The system as a whole is in excellent condition. I would also strongly recommend purchasing a gold plated AV cable and a 72 Pin Connector - Nintendo Pin Replacement - Blinking Light Win kit from Even with the original 72 pin connector replaced by JJ Games, you are still dealing with a machine that is over 30 years old. I prefer that my NES works all the time when a game is put into it, instead of most of the time. This is definitely a bit more expensive, but much more reliable than ebay (the worlds largest garage sale) can ever be. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and I don't have any reason to think that anyone else would be disappointed.

Refurbished Console Only Worked Once (Mary Dybas in Michigan)
  June 15, 2019

Doesn't work - was okay just the first time used then won't work. Guess buying refurbished was a bad idea.

Original NES (John Cronk in New York)
  December 24, 2018

So much fun and nostalgia for me. Product works and have enjoyed many hours of old school fun

^_^ awesome console (Anonymous)
  March 11, 2018


Awesome (Chris Brett in California)
  February 3, 2018

This console works great.Thank You

Great (Richard in Tennessee)
  October 18, 2017

Fun to play and came in a great condition.

great (jennifer in New Jersey)
  April 14, 2017

I love it scores a 5 stars

NES Console (Erin jostes in Indiana)
  February 27, 2017

The first one I purchased did not work. I was able to return it for a full refund and purchase another console.

We finally had a chance to set up the second one this weekend and it works perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase. We also purchased a second controller and the gun with the first console as well as a bunch of games on a separate order. While we have not played all the games they ones we have are working great. My daughter loves the games and I love sharing part of my childhood with her at a great price, considering what some people are charging for the consoles/games. I have referred others to your site for the consoles as well. Thank you!

NES (Anonymous in New Jersey)
  February 27, 2017

second delivery of my NES. came in one piece. my only issue after that is delivery time.

Perfect! (Hannah Lively in Kentucky)
  February 8, 2017

Works just fine, in picture condition, plays games well, reasonable price, and came with all of the parts! No complaints.

Takes me back 30 years! (Alex in Washington)
  February 2, 2017

Just received my NES console today and everything works great and in great condition. Excellent service and shipping. Will definitely be purchasing from JJGames again. Thanks again.

As Advertised (Jason in Alabama)
  January 21, 2017

The console arrived in good condition as advertised. Works well with no complaints. I highly recommend this site for older consoles/games.

Buy vintage now the price keeps climbing! (Ryan rux in Washington)
  January 7, 2017

I love it! In a house where we don't play the new weird games we do play the NES. This is the second console I've bought from jj's for my kids and I to play. I bought the second one as I noticed the price was climbing and wanted my son to have one to pass along to his kids. They are getting harder to come by so buy one now.

We love it! It's great to share some of the old simple, (some not so simple), games with my kids and play beside them.

Nintendo (K.J. in Colorado)
  December 15, 2016

Came quicker than expected and I have so much fun playing this game.

New system (Rich in Michigan)
  June 5, 2016

System is great after I got it working. Customer service email for help is super impersonal and I'm not certain the person who answered even read it.

Best (Mike in Alabama)
  May 27, 2016

Perfect Consol

Great quality (Derek in Florida)
  May 26, 2016

System came clean and 100% ready to play

A real fun Nintendo NES (Phil Hopkins in Massachusetts)
  April 25, 2016

My wife is literally having a "BLAST" playing Super Mario. I'm headed back to buy 2 Guns for Duck Hunt. GREAT FUNNNNN!!!!!!!!

nes (pasquigi in New York)
  March 3, 2016

Works like a charm.

Great condition (Al in Alabama)
  February 15, 2016

No problems one month later.

I guess it works (Anonymous in Pennsylvania)
  February 2, 2016

Trying to relive my childhood gaming days and bought a Nintendo NES Console, a few controllers, and 4 games. Shipping was quick but when I received my product the NES Console didn't work. Maybe it got banged up and damaged in shipping, not sure. But it was just annoying. Returned at no cost, which was good, and got another Console back in about 2 weeks. The new one kinda works. Takes about 4-5 minutes strategically "playing" with the power and reset button to get the game to play. I do remember having to do this as a kid, but not this bad. Again, just annoying. All the games do eventually work, so no complaints there, but 1 of the controllers has a bad B button that works only when it wants. Maybe I had too high of expectations for a used systems. I obviously understand this stuff is not new and could have been broken at one point. I just thought for the price I would get a better product. Customer service was good and responded to emails fairly quickly when I had questions. Only negative is I could not find a phone number to contact JJGAMES. Again, just annoying.

Good condition for the price (Lindsay Knowles in Mississippi)
  January 21, 2016

This was in great condition for the price we paid for it. It really bring me back to the old days since I do have to bang on top of it and blow in it almost every time I want to play any game. But they always end up working perfectly in the end! It just takes a little love and effort to play, unlike today's game consoles. We love it and have spent many hours playing with it since we got it for Christmas. Also, I can't say enough about the customer service of JJ Games!! They went above and beyond to make sure we got our order before Christmas and to fix an honest mistake with one of the games! We will definitely be purchasing more games form them in the future! And they definitely have the lowest prices out of any other gaming retailer I found!

good item (cys in Malaysia)
  July 16, 2015

Really good stuff

not tested (Kayla Rixse in Georgia)
  July 9, 2015

I received my product and it would not work. I tried everything. I wound up having to replace the 72 pin connector(luckily the problem was not worse!). It still shows a gray screen every now and then, but it eventually works. It says all things are tested, but it sure doesn't seem that way.

Memories (Felton in Oklahoma)
  June 15, 2015

It works but I do have another game cartridge in on top of the one I want to play. Brings back old memories though.

works great (Kerry Kocher in Texas)
  May 14, 2015

Works great plays great

OK (Anonymous)
  April 14, 2015

Im from San Antonio TX not Alabama

OK (James Zawatski in Alabama)
  April 14, 2015

Need to take it to be cleaned at one our best retro gaming spots (Propaganda Palace San Antonio TX) It does work just needs a little old school tricks that we all remember. Still love JJGames tho I will order again!!!!!

Wish It Worked More Often (Stacie Louder in Utah)
  January 5, 2015

I received an NES console with one remote. Got the system hooked up and the console only works about 30% of the time. I've tried cleaning the console as well as the games used in it and am still having problems. Some days I can't even get the console to work. The red light on the front blinks on and off and nothing appears on the screen :( Wondering if I can still return or if it's to late....??

Perfect (Anonymous)
  October 18, 2014

This is an amazing classic console. The best you can ask for with great games like super mario bros, the legend of zelda, duck hunt, mega man 1-6, castlevania 1 & 3, metroid, ninja gaiden, double dragon, punchout, dig dug, super mario bros 3, super mario bros 2, kirby's adventure, and the list goes on. Way better than modern dull fps games and micro-transactions. My review is a perfect 10/10 and the best console ever made. Buy this right now.

Retro Gaming is back and stronger than ever! (Adam in Massachusetts)
  October 12, 2014

If you need to build your NES collection. Do it with They offer great prices with fast shipping!

so happy (laura in North Carolina)
  August 30, 2014

Bought "good condition" nes console, looks better than expected. They sent all the needed cords, everything was packaged neatly, all items were clean. Console works perfectly, no flashing screen or needing to load/reload cartridges. I'm thrilled to have gotten this at such a great price! Thanks!! Will buy from this store again for sure.

as much fun as it ever was (Anonymous in Alabama)
  August 24, 2014

Had to take it apart and clean it to get it to work when I received it. But it has played flawlessly ever since then.

I missed this (thankful in New Jersey)
  August 17, 2014

This page is a savior.for years I forgot wgat I grew up on.this site gives you the promise of feeling young ppl are awesome.

beautiful (Nick Cordon in Arkansas)
  August 16, 2014

It was in perfect condition. There is no reason not to get one.

Awesome! Love it! (Devin in New York)
  May 11, 2014

I ordered an NES with 3 games. Gyromite, Faxanadu, and Battletoads. All items were in good condition as advertised and shipped very quickly!(I ordered express shipping) At first, none of the games seemed to be working, but after a little fidgeting, all of the games are working and I'm having a whole lot of fun. I plan on shopping a whole lot more here on JJGAMES.

Great Purchase (Steph in Wisconsin)
  February 9, 2014

My order arrived on time and was delivered as described; the condition was as expected, and everything that was supposed to be included was there (console, cords & controller). Everything is in working order and is as fun to play as it was when I was a child. I highly recommend JJGAMES.

In very good condition and works great! (Quinn in Saskatchewan)
  December 31, 2013

Console is in really good condition and works great. Only concern I had was shipping. It's unfortunate you can't track items, especially since this was a gift and it almost didn't make it for Christmas even though I purchased it pretty early. Otherwise everything was great, the support guys were great when I emailed to inquire about my shippment and I'm sure I will be ordering more from them.

Best game system (Mandy in Alabama)
  December 12, 2013

Love it

love the old games (phill in Ontario)
  November 16, 2013

Awesome still works

Looks beautiful (Bad Wolf in California)
  July 17, 2013

Console looks great, and works well. Glad to find it at such a resonable price.... Do wish it came with a controller though.

Looks beautiful (Bad Wolf in California)
  July 17, 2013

Console looks great, and works well. Glad to find it at such a resonable price.... Do wish it came with a controller though.

I'm fourteen and i love it (Alien sause)
  July 14, 2013

Thank you!

Awesome system! (Natalia Goode in Nevada)
  July 11, 2013

Brought back wonderful memories of my childhood! Everything works great (:

memories (Tolan in Florida)
  June 6, 2013

Can't get enough of it

Nintendo NES (Loran in New York)
  June 6, 2013

Item didn't work

Awesome (Colleen in Alberta)
  May 22, 2013

I like the old consoles better than the new consoles. The old ones last longer and have a better life span too they should go back to the old ones then. It gives the wii u a run for money

The best classic console (Diegokc in Florida)
  May 17, 2013

My NES came in excellent condition, including control this excellent condition. The whole system works at 100%, it's great. If you want a classic console, I recommend the NES. The service gave me jjgames is very good, always respond to my inquiry and doubt. Greetings from Paraguay.

AMAZING! Takes me back (Dimitri S. in Alabama)
  April 8, 2013

I ordered a NES with the description of GOOD. it had some minor marks and such but it plays and works like a charm! I don't regret my decision of picking up one of these bad boys (again)!

Almost Like New!! (Nate in Washington)
  April 6, 2013

I order an good condition Nintendo Entertainment System with two games and this thing runs game's like it hasn't age a bit. I didn't need to clean anything, other than the casing where there was spots on it. Not a big deal. This bring back memories. I never own an NES before, but I always had gone too my friends house after school to play. I don't regret this buy. Thanks J.J.

Great fun for everyone (Brandon in Illinois)
  March 15, 2013

The NES console is great and came in great condition, i have order two and never had a problem with either one. I recomend this for everyone who likes good fun games

Fast deliver good condition (Nicole Aelker in Ohio)
  January 16, 2013

I received this for a christmas gift and was pleased. I did have a slight problem with the plug in being bent completly over but a pair of pliers took care of that. Everything else was in very good condition.
Thank you

Excellent service (Anonymous in California)
  January 11, 2013

Thank you for offering such quick shipping and excellent products. My fiance loves his new Christmas present. We are old

Great product, (Jeff Mikolajczyk in United States)
  January 7, 2013

Brings back great memories.

its always good to go retro (s. g. in Quebec)
  December 14, 2012

who can remember the nes back in the day and its huge librery of games

Brings back memories! (Michael B. in Georgia)
  November 5, 2012

For a 30 year old game system, I didn't expect perfection. But it worked right out of the box and played games as if it were new! The only complaint I have is that it seemed like soda spilled on (and in) the console. No damage, but lets have a bit of quality control. Overall it was a purchase I will enjoy for years to come.

Never worked (William in Indiana)
  October 5, 2012

Still waiting for my refund?? 2 months later!

best game system ever made..!!!!!! (Sharon Brown in Alabama)
  September 8, 2012

I love the games .i enjoy playing them they are soooooo much fun

Greatest console! (Jonathan in Pennsylvania)
  August 17, 2012

Shipped and delivered pretty fast. Great price for such an amazing console from the 80's! Had a few minor cosmetic marks, but nothing seriously wrong with said console. I recommend ording from JJ GAMES for all your' gaming needs!

Great! (LilFig in Texas)
  August 7, 2012

JJGames has great working Nintendo NES Consoles that are affordable and while the games could be a hit or miss on how well they work, they are so inexpensive I have no guilt replacing the ones that don't work.

JJGames has a return/refund policy for the console which I'm happy to say mine works great.

I got an extra controller from JJGames since the unit only comes with one and had to get the tv,cable,nintendo relay from amazon for like 20 cents (and $5.00 shipping lol) but once everything was connected all we had to do was blow, spit and spit/blow into the game connector hole and we were good to go.

The fun Nintendo provides is priceless.

We have the Nintendo hooked up to the TV in the kitchen where my adult family congregate when they come to visit. Before the Nintendo, we were drinking too much coffee and smoking too many cigarettes and now we go around the table with the controllers and play like healthy adults laughing at the "bloops" of others and jumps of joy when we move on to another level.

Enjoy yourself. Get out that old Nintendo or get one from JJGames and have some fun.

Great except for 3rd party controller (Jimmy in Pennsylvania)
  June 26, 2012

Love the Nintendo, but hate the fact that they give you a horrid 3rd party controller with it. I plan on throwing away the controller and buying an actual first party controller. That's probably why they do that. Give u a crappy 3rd party controller to force u into buying a 1st party one from them, hence making them more money

A Great Buy (Tyler in Minnesota)
  May 21, 2012

I bought the NES console to re-live my childhood and I'm glad I did. The condition was said to be good and it was I just had to clean it up a bit and it works great!

Nes console (Dylan in Missouri)
  May 17, 2012

It works, but it blinks on startup sometimes. Still have to blue the games out and try to start them again.

Very happy with purchase! (Zuly in Illinois)
  May 10, 2012

I had bought an other game system from Amazon which was a total junk. I would trying off after 1 minute of play. I thought about buying another one but was scared of that this would happen again. Plesantly, I was very happy with my purchase with They are easy to shop and my produce work great. Thanks.

A great system (Taya in Newfoundland and Labrador)
  April 29, 2012

The NES is a classic and still one of the best systems ever. The console I received from JJ games works great, although I had to clean my games first.

NES awesome but, not ? (Ash Ketchum in United Arab Emirates)
  April 21, 2012

I had an NES game system it is amazing and i love it but what i love more is the retro duo from retro bit games it plays both SNES and NES games although it does not play some games but it has about 99 percent compatibility it does also play the super gameboy and game genie. It as also only 10 dollars more then this and it plays both SNES and NES games too.

Good Classic (Anonymous in Quebec)
  March 5, 2012

This console brings back so much memories. Works great and lots of fun

Really like it (Anonymous in Alabama)
  March 3, 2012

Really enjoyed turning back to 1980s with this game. My kids like it too.

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