Reviews for Rad Racer

Reviews for Rad Racer for NES

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It’s Rad (Rob A. P in Pennsylvania)
  February 28, 2019

Rad Racer, I’m not gonna lie, is a rad game. I like racing games, don’t really care how advanced (or not), and this one just plays right, it’s fun. And also rad. Racer that is.

Enduro (Aaron Wong in Malaysia)
  November 23, 2017

This game reminds me of Enduro of Atari 2600. Discovered this game recently only, a great little game.

Good (LateBoy in Finland)
  November 25, 2016

Good game. working.

Great game (Angelo in Germany)
  June 13, 2016

Nothing to say, just a great game!

nes fun (Evan in Ontario)
  February 5, 2016

It is rad. it is a racer.


fun (Rod in South Carolina)
  September 3, 2015

Great game worked well fast shipping very pleased thank you !!

Great Classic (Rich M in Ontario)
  February 23, 2014

Great racing game, challenging but addicting... Wish I had some old school 3D glasses for the 3D option!

Exceeds expectations (Jimmy in Quebec)
  August 30, 2013

It is simply amazing how spot on the gameplay is in rad racer. You are in complete control and just the right amount of skill is required to maneuver your car properly. The graphics are great, still today I love looking at them. The game is very fast but amazingly does not stutter like, say, a bad N64 game which tries too hard. I'm very impressed with rad racer, I would have to say it's my favorite racing title on the NES. Give it a try, in fact I will go play it right now.

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