Reviews for Legacy of the Wizard

Reviews for Legacy of the Wizard for NES

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Underrated Dungeon Crawler (James Maxcy in Nebraska)
  July 11, 2019

Always loved this game as a kid, but never really made any progress in it. Now as an adult with access to the internet for guides, I was able to play through and beat this hidden gem. Without help you’ll spend a long time wandering around lost and that’s probably the biggest strike against Legacy of the Wizard. Even so, the music is awesome, the graphics are good, the controls are tight and responsive, and it’s fun playing as each character each with their own special abilities:

A great challenging adventure (Francis in Quebec)
  June 29, 2012

Get to chose one of many characters to begin one of the best dungeon-crawling experience the NES has presented to us on this generation of consoles. Find your way through a maze of epic proportions, gather keys and clear enemies out of your way with magic. For dungeon-crawling players who to take it back in time and have a good challenge, this game will not dissapoint you.

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