Reviews for Baseball

Reviews for Baseball for NES

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Great game! (tobie in Georgia)
  August 26, 2018

Good old baseball game! Came like new condition 34 years old

Simple and easy (Aaron Wong in Malaysia)
  July 6, 2018

Simple game is the most fun game to play with kids

Nes classic!!!! (Earl Gillispie in Georgia)
  June 11, 2017

Wow NES instant classic from way back in the day one of their very first baseball titles for the NES system! We used to play this game for hours upon hours and it was so much fun wow life was so simple in the 80s! I would highly recommend this title for any vintage video game buyer-seller player such as myself may God bless you all take care and enjoy!

Wow, Amazing (Nathan Mays in United States)
  May 20, 2016

Just in Awww, to play again.

Wow, Amazing (Nathan Mays in Texas)
  May 20, 2016

Just in Awww, to play again.

Very funny game (Juan Antonio in Spain)
  October 9, 2015

A classic for nes. Very useful when you're bored

Decent (steve)
  July 12, 2013

Stick with the plainly titled sports games for the NES, "baseball", "soccer", etc.

This one isn't bad

Simplistic, but fun (Brent in Illinois)
  January 21, 2013

This game has one of those tunes that can get stuck in your head for hours. Not much strategy, just baseball in its most basic form. Can get a little frustrating at times, especially the fielding.

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