Reviews for Ghosts 'n Goblins

Reviews for Ghosts 'n Goblins for NES

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  May 20, 2018


Hard but alot of fun (Mark in Arizona)
  March 19, 2018

Great version. If you don't mind dying alot this game is very fun. I can remember pumping a ridiculous amount of quarters in the machine to play this in the arcade so it was very satisfying to play a childhood arcade favorite on a home console without running out of quarters.

Best game I have played (Eugene O'Connor in Virginia)
  September 18, 2017

I love this game ghosts and goblins if do have it you such buy it 😄

A+A+A+A+A+A+ (Kike in Spain)
  June 9, 2017

Todo un desafio por su dificultad,un juego legendario de Nes y ahora lo tengo en mi coleccion,gracias JJGames!!

Tough but a Classic (Ricardo Miller in Manitoba)
  May 21, 2017

One of the toughest NES games but it's a classic!

Awesome (Juan J. Dominguez in Illinois)
  May 7, 2015

One word about the experience as a whole: AWESOME!

Really fun game! (Sarah in Ontario)
  June 10, 2014

I recommend this game 100%. Its hard but fun :)

Love the game! had to clean it though. (Jeeves Managongo in Oklahoma)
  November 26, 2013

the game is amazingly hard but i love it and it is very enjoyable. but when i received this one and the super Nintendo version i had to sand oxidation off the game contacts with very fine grit sandpaper.

Good Times, Great Oldies (thedecider in Massachusetts)
  September 29, 2013

This game is one of the hardest in the NES library, but it makes you want to keep playing. So, finally, after hours, you beat it, to find out you have to beat it again to really complete it. I have fond memories as a kid of this classic Capcom game (they need to make some good decisions as of late) so I just had to pick it up. If you like a fun yet insane challenge, pick up this game and save the girl!

HARD (John in Pennsylvania)
  August 27, 2013

its a fun game but two hits all they allow. this game does not give you the ending until you complete the game twice in a row and its nearly impossible to beat it once.

Incredibly hard, but very addicting! (Jessica in Washington)
  August 6, 2013

This game is easily one of the hardest games for the NES. It's also one of the most challenging in a good way! It has infinite continues so you can practice until you're perfect!

Best Game Ever Made (Francesco in Italy)
  June 10, 2013

Damn this game. Damn it to Hell. But why can't I stop playing? That's a question I'm sure every serious NES gamester asked themselves at one point. It abuses us to no end, yet we love it. This game is like a Succubus sent straight from the depths of Hell to steal our souls through sadistic pleasure. But once we defeat her, we reign dominant over the demonic influence, feeling more powerful than ever before. And that is why we cannot, no that is why we will not ever stop playing Ghosts 'N Goblins. We seek mastery over unseen malevolent forces. :D Enjoy

Hard but fun (alex in Ontario)
  May 20, 2013

One of the toughest games in the NES library, but also one of the best.

pure mind $#%@ (jordan in Alberta)
  April 20, 2013

non stop action and pure hell to play but I cant stop playing. cartage looks great but needed a very intense cleaning before it would work. But it works now and i am good to go.

Very hard game! (Josh in Michigan)
  September 13, 2012

I bought this because of it's well known difficulty and because it was an arcade classic. I have to admit the arcade version plays a little smoother than its NES counterpart. The SNES successor (Super Ghouls and Ghosts) is a lot more fun in my opinion. I paid close to $10 for a "good" copy of this and it looks brand new. Take advantage of any price you get lower than paid.

Classic game... must have!!! (Eric in Alabama)
  August 21, 2012

Takes no time to get back into playing this game after 20+ years away... the princess shall mine!!! haha

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