Reviews for Super Mario Bros 3

Reviews for Super Mario Bros 3 for NES

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Fun for all ages 5 to 70 (mary haynes in Colorado)
  August 12, 2018

Wanted to complete our set as we enjoy Mario.

Perfect (Kike in Spain)
  July 6, 2017


Excellent (Jerry in Virginia)
  February 9, 2017

Very pleased

Awsome (John Cena in Quebec)
  April 3, 2016

The game worked fine but it needed to be cleaned

Nice (Jessica in Alabama)
  December 27, 2014

The game works very well. A little cosmetic damage but it has nothing to do with the performance of the game. Ship time was super fast!

Fun (Anonymous)
  October 2, 2014

This is the best nes game ever made. I love it!!!

Old Favorite (Eugene in Texas)
  May 24, 2014

Old Favorite

Woo (Colt in Ohio)
  April 28, 2014

Works Perfectly, have played it over and over again

Great condition (Pau)
  January 19, 2014

Got this game for my boyfriend, he absolutely loves it!!! Game works great but only wish the game came with a case to be able to store it and prevent damage.

great game (phill in Ontario)
  November 16, 2013

Always love this game. Takes me back t when I was a kid

Best Mario Game on NES (John in Pennsylvania)
  September 27, 2013

This game was the pinnacle of NES games. obviously the best Mario title on the NES.

Mario doesn't get better than this (A.U. in Ontario)
  March 28, 2013

Fun gameplay, great graphics and sound, and addictive 2-player mode make Mario 3 is one of the greatest titles the NES has to offer.

Best game never gets old (Ramon Amezola Jr. in California)
  March 4, 2013

I play this game with my son everyday.Awesome game and brings back memories.PERFECT working condition and great shipping status.Thank you JJ GAMES

best game ever so nostalgic (Ron callahan in Alabama)
  February 7, 2013

bought the game in great condition it looked like it had almost never been played and the pins on the cart were completely clean

Works and in good condition! (Anthony Dembinski in Massachusetts)
  December 2, 2012

Favorite site for retro games. Best prices. Always comes as advertised.

The best game of all times (Juan Manuel Garcia in Texas)
  October 5, 2012

This games is fun, and with the most diversity of levels i ever seen.

its like a shot of nostalgia (Cory Orange in Georgia)
  August 14, 2012

everyone knows about Super Mario Bros 3 playing this again years later its still just as fun as when you first popped this in your NES its awesome get it

Platforming Masterpiece (Croz in Florida)
  April 26, 2012

Super MArio 3 is a foundational game. Literally hundreds of games have been heavily enfluenced by this game. This game is suprisingly deep considering the limitations of an 8-bit system and a 5 button controller with secrets, stages, inventories, powers, and mini-games. Very few older gamers havent played SMB3 but if you are one of them the NES system is literally worth buying for this game.

fun game for the kids (harvey in Texas)
  April 14, 2012

its easy for kids to play and they don't seem to get upset with it very easy like some games

Great (Bob in Czech Republic)
  April 3, 2012

It is an amazing game. I second everything said in the other reviews.

JJ Games is awesome (Mike in New Jersey)
  February 18, 2012

About a year and a half ago, I purchased Resident Evil 3 Nemesis for The PS One from JJ Games and I was pleasantly surprised when I got the game. It was from the original pressing and it included The Dino Crisis demo disc with it, it came with the book, the game was pristine with very few scratches in any scratches on the disc,and it played flawlessly. Great prices, fast service, great condition of the games. I would recommend to any one who wants to buy old school games and I have to a cashier at my local Gamestop. Awesome site!

Laura likes him most than I've liked in the past! (William in Brazil)
  February 17, 2012

Wow! During my childhood, you saw the kids playing it easy on the gambling houses, was a boom here. Well, SMB3 is the first Mario game series, and even today I can say that even after all this time of its release, the sounds, the innocent simplicity of the game can take you inside the world of Mario. I say this mainly because I have a niece who is passionate about seven classic games, of course that today are easily found, not only this but several other SNES console, and can even be played online, but nothing replaces the experience of being able to feel the island, now understand the true purpose and can say "THAT MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY" I plan to soon buy here not only the game but also the console. See Ya!

My Favorite Mario Game (Jonathon in Colorado)
  February 2, 2012

I grew up playing Super Mario 3 and it was my favorite Mario game then and it is still my favorite now. The level design is great with simple levels at the beginning and very difficult levels later on. Even the hard levels are designed so you want to keep trying even if you repeated die.

Each level is unique and there are tons of hidden items and secret areas that reward exploration like warp whistles and ghost ships.

One night in college I spent 4 hours with my friends trying to beat the game. We got 99 lives with some secret spots in the game, used warp whistles, and finally made it through the final world to beat Bowser. We died 80 or more times along the way, but we loved every minute of it.

I still play the game at least once a year even though I have beaten it five or six times now.

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