Reviews for Tetris

Reviews for Tetris for NES

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Best game (Amy D in New York)
  March 10, 2019

Love it! Classic NES!

Classic (Aaron Wong in Malaysia)
  November 1, 2018

Tengen Tetris or Tetris, a hard choice

Just as I temember Tetris being! Great game! (Ryan Rux in Washington)
  January 7, 2017

If you like a challenging game that doesn't get overly complicated Tetris is it. The game in a nut shell, Stack blocks of various sizes to create rows that once completed disappear and ultimately seed up the block drop.

its a great puzzle game and one any age can play!

Great game (Kurt Franta in Alabama)
  July 2, 2015

So much fun to play this game. Just like when I was a kid, awesome!

great game (howie in Pennsylvania)
  March 2, 2015

It is a fun game to play.

One of the best games (Michelle in California)
  August 1, 2014

I love this game. It brings back so many memories of me and my dad playing it. I'm glad I found JJ games.

love the old nes games (phil in Ontario)
  November 16, 2013

Always have blast playing this games old games

a classic ! (jonathan L in Quebec)
  September 18, 2013

Must have video game !

get dr mario instead (Adam in Florida)
  August 8, 2013

I know tetris is one of those games that's considered a classic but if you didn't play it growing up buy dr mario instead

Excellent puzzle game (Jacob Reiss in British Columbia)
  June 15, 2013

A good standard puzzle game for the NES.... too bad it was never 2-player. =(

A Great Puzzle Game That Still Holds Onto It's Value Today (Gabe in Arizona)
  May 4, 2013

This game is very addicting. Every time you play the game, you just want to beat your high score or attempt to clear more lines than the previous game. Still a great game to play since its birth over 20 years ago. I'd recommend the new generation of gamers to give any revision or version of this game a shot.

a classic ! (jonathan L in Quebec)
  March 16, 2013

Great classic games for everyone!

Old School (John in Ontario)
  February 16, 2013

This game brings back a lot of old memories. Still as fun today as it was when I was a kid!!

Best old school game ever (Jesena in Washington)
  January 13, 2013

Love this game, many years old but it can still entertain the whole family for hours on end. Simple and easy to play for the old generation and fun enough so the rest of the family has fun too.

Great game! (Facundo in Argentina)
  August 17, 2012

Very fast shipping :)

Extremely Addicting (Jakub Zieba in Ontario)
  June 16, 2012

Definately one of the greatest puzzle games on the NES and of all time.

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