Reviews for Top Gun

Reviews for Top Gun for NES

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Decent game (Bryce in Nova Scotia)
  August 13, 2018

Overall satisfied with this

Pretty good flight sim (Mike in Pennsylvania)
  August 27, 2013

It's Top Gun, it's classic

Fun for kids (Anonymous in Alabama)
  June 3, 2013

Very fun plain shoot em up game for the Nintendo! Controlls good. Overall, okay game.

Hard, but the best flying game on NES (Aichybatoal in Alabama)
  November 18, 2012

Top Gun is a hard game. I've never made it past level 3 (there are only 4 levels), but it's probably the best first-person flying game made for the NES. It's simple yet fun, and the gameplay is pretty good (although it takes way too long to turn, and landing on the aircraft carrier is ridiculously hard). All in all, objectively, it's decent; subjectively, it's great. Recommended!

Good for nostalgia, inexpensive (Josh in Michigan)
  September 13, 2012

A game from my childhood. It's a bit challenging, but with practice you can get very good at it. Gameplay is slightly repetitive mission to mission. Sound effects are decent except for machine gun fire, haha. Landing/refueling sequences can be fun if you can do them. Since the game isn't in very high demand I think it's worth picking up at such a low cost.

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