Reviews for Zapper Light Gun

Reviews for Zapper Light Gun for NES

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Excellent (MM in Arizona)
  June 2, 2016

Looks brand new.

FUN!!!!! (Phil Hopkins in Massachusetts)
  May 27, 2016

We love 'em

Works great (Danny Cuenin in Arizona)
  October 12, 2015

Perfect condition. Just what I needed.

NES light gun (Joseph in West Virginia)
  March 9, 2015

Works good and the trigger isn't loose or worn out :)

Shoot em Up!! (Eugene in New York)
  October 23, 2014

Yeah the Zapper Gun for My NES works new grand sons 11 & 4 had were beside themselves ,,like Xmas morning 3 months ahead of time...we Duck Hunted 'til 4am the first night we got it.To much fun !!

plays like it was new (Anonymous in Alabama)
  August 24, 2014

It never misses a beat shooting those duck down.

Works Great (Anonymous)
  February 9, 2014

In excellent condition and working order, just as described.

Works Great (Anonymous)
  February 9, 2014

In excellent condition and working order, just as described.

Still works like a charm - Make sure you use a CRT! (Joe in Kentucky)
  December 12, 2013

The NES Zapper still has perfect accuracy 25 years later. Just make sure you get yourself an old CRT standard def tv tho. The new HDTV once (even the CRT HDTV) don't work with this 80s tech.

Awesome (C in Colorado)
  June 21, 2013

I fully expected to receive the orange version of the Zapper. What I got was the much rarer Gray zapper that matches the Nintendo color scheme. It's awesome and it works great!

Article recommended to remember old times. (Diegokc in Florida)
  June 16, 2013

The gun works great, and I had fun playing Duck Hunt.

grandkids love it (Anonymous)
  May 23, 2013

worked good

Its good (Colt in Colorado)
  December 27, 2012

It works great

doesn't work on flat screen tv (harvey in Texas)
  April 14, 2012

as long as you have an old tv it's fine, but it would not work on our led flatscreen

Liked it (Anonymous in Alabama)
  March 3, 2012

Kids are enjoying it with the Ducks Hunt game

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