Reviews for Duck Tales

Reviews for Duck Tales for NES

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Great (Lella in Missouri)
  June 16, 2016

Games are very clean and worked. As described!

best nes game (rickyp82 in Quebec)
  June 12, 2016

Fun, good music

this is one of the best nes games (Evan in Ontario)
  February 5, 2016

this is hands down one of the best nes games you can get.

plus it is duck tales.

Ducktales (Allan in Tennessee)
  June 26, 2015

My first time playing this game. Collection treasure,winning against enemies.just a challenge to play this game.

Awesome (Julie in Quebec)
  May 12, 2015

Love this game! Takes a few tries to start but works

good game, good price and all that! (Anonymous)
  September 26, 2014

Duck Tales for NES: It's been said before, and the game is still great. duck Tales, woo ooo!

Great Game brings back wonderful memories (Growler in Australia)
  March 9, 2014

This game is a classic platformer. Great graphics and gameplay make a wonderful experience for young and old. Classic Capcom.

its DUCKTALES. DUCKTALES FOR NES! (Kenta in Ontario)
  November 7, 2013

what is there to even talk about at this rate, this game came out a long time ago, it was amazing, one of THE MOST best nes games out there! you should buy this and play this!

A classic (D in Pennsylvania)
  July 3, 2013

Don't beat a game on easy mode and call it easy. This game takes a dump on about 3/4 of the entire NES library.

Timeless classic (Adrian in Norway)
  May 18, 2013

Still as good as you remember it, or even better than you might recall. The music is bar none excellent, and though the game is short it keeps you coming back for more.

Fun for children aswell as adults!:) (Anonymous in Norway)
  September 30, 2012

Super fun, but just a little to easy to finish!:)

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