Reviews for Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Reviews for Grand Theft Auto Vice City for Playstation 2

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City (Grand Theft Auto Vice City in Virginia)
  September 30, 2019

The game that I received didn’t work even after repeated cleaning

just what I needed (nani in Florida)
  June 20, 2019

been lookin for some ps2 games since i don't have a ps4 or ps4 anymore. this and san andreas did just the trick. thanks.

Best game ever!!! (Matt Patton in Texas)
  April 22, 2019

Come on...its GTA...enough said. Will be buying the rest of the series from jjgames.

Awsome game (John McCain in Wallis and Futuna)
  October 18, 2018

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Great game (Darkphoenix1979 in Wyoming)
  July 21, 2018

Great!! (Owen Simpson in Arizona)
  July 13, 2018

Everything was absolutely amazing!! The disk had no scratches, it works great, it’s inexpensive. The only problem was that the shipping takes longer than it says it will and I live in AZ which is close to CO so it didn’t really make sense. Other then that everything’s great!

Great!!!! (Shaune in Illinois)
  April 15, 2017

Used game but seems brand new!! Brings back memories of 03!!

Awesome Game... GTA Vice City (MICKENDRA BILL in Texas)
  March 30, 2017

Great Game

Sucks (Joanna Jewell in Georgia)
  January 30, 2017

I have barely any fun with this game it sucks you can't go in any buildings

A gta classic (Britney in Ohio)
  April 3, 2016


Excellent (Logeskeez in California)
  December 28, 2015

Works great and came quickly. Thank you JJgames

Excellent (Logeskeez in California)
  December 28, 2015

Works great and came quickly. Thank you JJgames

Absolutely love it! (Natasha in Alabama)
  October 25, 2015

This is one of my best games ever!!!! If I don't want to play the game I'll listen to the music!

fun for kids (Donna Carpenter in Alabama)
  September 6, 2015

I think the graphics in the game are great ,realistic and fun to watch and play, I think kids of all ages will like it

:( (victor in Florida)
  July 5, 2015

The game sucks as much as I love ps2 games but this one sucks

Love GTA games! (Nick H in Pennsylvania)
  May 29, 2015

Excellent price and working condition!

Nice (Fernando Ordonez in Georgia)
  May 28, 2015

Everything is in a great condition

awesome (Anonymous in California)
  May 3, 2015


entertaining (sss in Texas)
  March 13, 2015

First cd received was bad. 2nd ok

Best game ever (Andy in Wisconsin)
  February 24, 2015

Racing/ shooting all in one. While the game is rated 17+ really it don't expose you to much worse than a family guy tv episode. I bought a ps3 just for this game Other wise I stick to Nintendo.

love it (Andy in Wisconsin)
  January 24, 2015

one the best games for ps2.

Must have for ps2 (chris in Texas)
  December 28, 2014

Bought this from JJ games. Shipping was fast, game and box look brand new.

best in the series (Anonymous in Wisconsin)
  July 9, 2014

If you never played GTA start with this one

kool game (rick in West Virginia)
  March 14, 2013

very fun to play..still playing every day

Great Time (Peter Lednow in Quebec)
  July 7, 2012

It has cool features to be added to the GTA series.

Not for kids (MetallicTempest)
  May 9, 2012

Turn it on. Enter all weapons cheat & body armor cheat. Start killing things. Woo! Instant amusement. It took me a few weeks before I realized there was more to the game. I did one or two missions then just went back to cheating and rampaging things. I thought it was pretty sweet just doing whatever I felt like and seeing how long I could hold up against authorities while killing everything I could.

Significantly more replay value than GTA3 because of loads of new features but without the complex stuff in GTASA like working out. In my opinion, the best GTA for PS2.

Good game (Dude in Florida)
  April 4, 2012

I really enjoyed this game and played it a lot with no problems. First GTA game where you can shoot people through windows. I think the other reviewer has a damaged disc or system. My experience with JJgames has been good, they say the condition of a game and every time I bought one that said, "good" it has worked fine.

Still getting glitches (Anonymous)
  February 25, 2012

Maybe it's just the software but the Vice City game glitches out ever once and a while. The San Andreas game works fine, so far.Was going to send it back but I noticed I got the same problem from the same game bought from somebody else. That's why I think it is in the software or it could be the console but none the less you guys are off the hook.

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