Reviews for Marble Madness

Reviews for Marble Madness for NES

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Unique platformer/racer (gigabusterEXE in Ohio)
  November 26, 2013

You play as marble going through an obstacle course, I mean how can it get more fun than that?

Fun, but IMPOSSIBLE!! (Aichybatoal in Illinois)
  November 18, 2012

Marble madness is an awesome game. The graphics were phenomenal for the time (and are still impressive today), and it's very responsive and simple -- but it's diabolically hard. There are only six levels, each of which harder than the previous level, and the final level is near impossible. It's a lot of fun, but it's infuriating! I recommend it!

The game kinda sucks! (Yefhy86:))
  August 13, 2012

The game Marble Madness get's complicated real fast or is that the case only because I cheated and used the Game Genie!

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