Reviews for RBI Baseball

Reviews for RBI Baseball for NES

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Worked great! (Herring in Georgia)
  February 11, 2019

Same great game I played as a kid.

SO fun! Great for big AND little kids! (Anonymous)
  August 18, 2014

Such a fun game! Just like we remembered playing as kids. Awesome to play now with our own kids.

Works well (Greg D., in New York)
  March 21, 2013

Oldie, but goodie!

One of the best NES baseball games (Kevin in Georgia)
  January 17, 2013

I played this game almost daily as a kid and to be able to play it again over 20 years later has been a blast. A lot of people preferred Bases Loaded, but I think this game has a unique quality no other NES baseball has.

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