Reviews for Star Tropics

Reviews for Star Tropics for NES

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Great adventure game (Chuckzom in Indiana)
  August 9, 2018

Great adventure game, came in great condition and love playing star tropics, the battery still works in the cartridge for game saves and everything.

It's far more challenging than it needs to be, but otherwise a really fun game (James in Colorado)
  October 24, 2014

Similarities to Zelda abound, although this game is probably five times harder. A few simple tweaks (such as starting a new life with full health) would make this an incredible game, but it's at times wildly frustrating as-is.

It is a good Zelda (ponbiz in Alabama)
  February 5, 2014

Adventure like Zelda

Hidden Gem (Anonymous)
  July 22, 2013

I'll start off by saying I might not do this game justice. This is a fantastic game. I had never played it before, but I heard about it through my friends. So I decided I would give it a shot. It's a fun adventure game that is almost a mix between Zelda, and Adventure Island. Sounds good right? I know, it's awesome. It's not just a clone of existing games, although it has elements from good NES adventure games. It has a good story, and it's game play wants to keep you playing. Just to get that little bit farther. It's worth the buy for sure. I highly recommenced it. If your looking to take a shot on a game you haven't played before, this is it.

Engaging Classic RPG (Matthew S. in California)
  April 4, 2013

Star Tropics is a nice departure from most NES RPG's in that it takes place in a modern island setting. I can still remember the old TV spot for this game, and thankfully the game itself is excellent and just as memorable. It plays much in the style of Legend of Zelda, so if you enjoy Action RPG titles, this should be right up your alley.

Adventure fun (Hector in Washington)
  March 21, 2013

Good ol fun

Addictingly fun game! (Tim in Maine)
  March 16, 2013

Tons of fun! It's a challenge, with plenty of puzzles. I spent weeks enjoying it. Gets really hard near the end. Had to wipe out and use game genie.

Collecting (Eugene in Texas)
  January 6, 2013

I bought this with the sequel just to sell it together to a game collector.

Overlooked game, fun action/rpg (Josh in Michigan)
  October 1, 2012

A very fun game. It plays from a top down perspective and features RPG and action game elements. The control movement isn't as fluid and some games (only 4 way direction) but it makes sense for all the level and gameplay design. This doesn't detract from it in my opinion as it's still a blast to play. Boss fights are fun, but not incredibly difficult like some games, so you should progress quite far while still being challenged. The game has battery back-up so it's nice to continue where you left off!

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