Reviews for Top Gun The Second Mission

Reviews for Top Gun The Second Mission for NES

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Not bad. Slightly better than the 1st (Anonymous in Kentucky)
  October 23, 2013

While not as hard as the first Top Gun, this game doesn't quite improve as much as you'd like to call it a full sequel. It's mostly like an expansion pack to the first game. Still pretty fun and great music.

Great improvement over the first game. Includes 2 player mode. (Josh in Michigan)
  October 1, 2012

A great step up from the first game. First off, the game includes a two-player dogfight mode which is actually quite fun. The single player missions are more interesting/fun than the first and the game has a few extra graphical details and mechanics that make it more enjoyable. The cutscenes are more numerous and improved which are a bit of a treat with this game, as well.

Definitely worth the pick up at such a low price. If you didn't like the first Top Gun, this one is still worth trying as it improved on everything that made the first a bit frustrating.

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