Reviews for Willow

Reviews for Willow for NES

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Great Zelda-esque game (schnoze in Saskatchewan)
  September 30, 2015

A top-view adventure game based on the movie Willow. Good graphics and sounds, does suffer a bit in lack of level variety. One neat feature is sword proficiency, as you learn to use it you can swing it faster.

Charming Yet Often Overlooked NES Classic (thedecider in Massachusetts)
  November 13, 2013

This game is solid in the most important aspects - gameplay, story, music, graphics, etc. I absolutely love the music in this game. This has made many best of lists, but did many people really play it? I didn't know anyone who had it growing up, and I didn't discover it until quite recently. Give this a go - it really has nothing to do with the movie, but this is simply another Capcom classic on the NES.

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