Reviews for Blaster Master

Reviews for Blaster Master for NES

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futuristic adventure (Anonymous)
  February 9, 2017

An interesting and unique game . a bit slow at times as you make your way thru a labrynith of levels to battle the prespective boss . enjoyable play in or out of the truck as you slide on ice or swim thru water or flow past lava . I would rate this one in the top 50 Nintendo classic games .

Great underrated game (Anonymous)
  September 24, 2015

This game is a great game. Just kinda hard when past the third boss

fun game (howie in Pennsylvania)
  March 2, 2015

I like this game a lot,fun game to play.

This game defined nonlinear platformers (DashV in New York)
  October 21, 2013

8-bit didn't stop this game from boasting excellent graphics, impressive sound, and groundbreakingly awesome nonlinear play!

How nonlinear? I'll give you one hint. When looking for level 4... Try looking in level 1.

No other game since Metroid boasted such an open world carefully woven into itself.

With only 3 lives and 3 continues this is one of the games that defined "Nintendo Hard".

The game for every player (Matt in New York)
  September 20, 2013

Blaster Master is one of those few games that you come across every once in a while, that you can easily compare to any game today. It's essentially three games in one, and it will keep you entertained. Every time someone asks for a suggestion of a good NES game, my first answer is always Blaster Master.

Fantastic Game! (Stew in British Columbia)
  September 13, 2013

Blaster Master is a game about this frog named Fred who escapes from his owner's house. The worried owner, Jason, chases after the little guy. Soon, the frog touches a box of radioactive waste and grows into some huge frog (Apparently Jason's family bought a house next to a power plant), then falls down a hole in the earth! Jason, in typical hero style, falls down the hole after Fred, but when he gets to the bottom, he discovers an All-Terrain Battletank named SOFIA III/the 3rd. Thus, he goes into the thing and goes on a hunt for his pet frog. While I commend the game for having an opening cinema, it can really only be compared to a child's pop-up book.

The graphics in this game are excellent, to say the least. Jason looks nice (but he looks like he's ripped right out of Robo Warrior), and the bosses are pretty impressive. The environment around you is very colorful and detailed. Very nice job. Gotta commend SunSoft on this. The only drawback is that most of the enemies are dark gray and monochromatic.

Ah, the music just gets me humming. Very catchy tunes flow throughout the different areas of the game. My favorite has to be the Area 6 gotta hear it. Another nice job by SunSoft's go-to guy for sound design, Naoki Kodaka.

The controls are just right in this. I don't get frustrated trying to get the SOFIA to do something. The Sophia moves smoothly, and so does Jason. Button response is very good for this. When you want to shoot something, it shoots it.

Well, of course, the most important thing in a game is the game-play. This game plays like a charm. Blaster Master's a mix of a platform action game and a Bomberman type game, and they mix with one another VERY WELL. It's simple to operate the Sophia. A jumps, B shoots, Start pauses (well, yeah...), and Select gets Jason out of the Sophia. Wait, that's in platform mode. In the overhead look, A shoots Jason's gun, B makes him throw a grenade...and that's about it. You go around in the stages trying to get to the level boss. In platform mode, you just try to get to the overhead ''chambers'' in any way you can while going through woods, castles, caves, and many, many evil creatures. In the chambers, You work your way to the boss, getting past all the traps and enemies in the creepy, odd rooms. In the boss room, you fight huge creatures, ready to get the best of you...but if you survive, you get a new ability for the Sophia! For example, Hover lets you fly or hover for a short time. Wall can let you climb walls. I enjoy using all the different abilities since they're all interesting! Game-play does not fail to please in this game.

I would come back to play this game again. Why? It's just plain fun! The game doesn't have a password or save feature, and it's EXTREMELY challenging, but the game just a bunch of fun. Just keep on going!

In conclusion, Blaster Master is one heck of a fun game for the NES. Its combo of two different game genres is perfect, and it'll keep surprising you! Buy this game as soon as you can! Blaster Master can keep you pleased for a long time.

mon jeux que jaime (frank in Quebec)
  September 3, 2013

un jeux que je jouais quand j'├ętais petit

GREAT GAME!! (E.SMITH in California)
  March 27, 2013


Cool game (E.SMITH)
  February 26, 2013

Cool game awesome price picked one up listed as good nice copy fast shipping

Curious (Eugene in Texas)
  January 6, 2013

I was curious about this game and I'm glad I bought it.

Fun Game (Anonymous in Alabama)
  November 21, 2012

Very fun game

Great price, great game (Josh in Michigan)
  October 1, 2012

The game has great music, controls, and mechanics. Being able to hop out of your vehicle and run around adds a lot of fun to the game. I haven't played very far into it, but I can tell there is a lot to explore and the stages are varied.

Gameplay is like a shooter/platformer, but with the twist of driving the vehicle and hopping out to explore other areas.

really great game takes me back (tim ward in Maine)
  April 15, 2012

i rember the day this game came out once u start playing this game its hard to stop....really dont stop because if u do there is no save points and no codes to get back to where u left off.still a killer game

Great but hard! (Braden Griffiths in Alberta)
  April 12, 2012

Never played this as a kid but should have. Great game.

Be warned very, very difficult!

Great Game! (Charles in Prince Edward Island)
  February 27, 2012

Great Game, a gem amongst the NES library. If you haven't, you should play this one.

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