Reviews for Castlevania II Simon's Quest

Reviews for Castlevania II Simon's Quest for NES

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Classic vintage game!! (Earl Gillispie in Georgia)
  March 24, 2017

A classic vintage really really good game from back in the day! If you played Castlevania this particular one part 3 and on they were really wonderful games challenging late night fun with kids and family from the neighborhood with plenty Coca-Cola and pizza and cheeseburgers too Boot LOL LOL so kick back relax and enjoy a Timeless classic may God bless you all take care!

Perfect! (Hannah Lively in Kentucky)
  February 8, 2017

In pictured condition, plays well, and is very fun.

Classic Castlevania (Luke M in Indiana)
  October 11, 2015

I still haven't played another Castlevania game that I like as much as Simon's Quest. Even as old as it is, I still think it's the peak of the series. I went many years without playing a NES game and this one has been great to return to.

Good (marco in Spain)
  August 15, 2014

Ok, it is still a Castlevania game so it cant be bad. Sure it is not as the others (1 or 3) but not bad at all. Only that you have to be patient with people talking and you have to explore a lot... things like that. For role players I supose;)

Best game ever made (Francesco in Italy)
  March 21, 2013

With pleasure I send you a review of the game ... The game for Nes in question "Castlevania 2" is fully functional, in great condition and is very beautiful. Thank you so much, because they were 10 years who was looking for this item and found it to your store, and I congratulate you for the extensive catalog of games and great prices! I will be sure other purchases of jjgames ... Excuse me for my bad english...Best regards from Italy.

Love Castlevania Games (Kelli in Alabama)
  March 21, 2013

I feel that this is one of the better and funner games they made for the NES. I had it when I was younger and my parents sold it along with our system and other games to purchase a Super Nintendo. Though, I didn't really mind I missed playing it. And recently after searching classic gaming stores I was let down when they didn't have any in stock. I was thrilled when I found it on JJGames.

If you like Castlevania, you will definitely love this game. Its a must have for any fan. I could be this game over and over. And in the end when I replay it, it would still be fun and fresh to me. I love it!

Collection (Eugene in Texas)
  January 6, 2013

For collection, okay game but not as fun as the others.

Fun (Jakub in Ontario)
  June 29, 2012

Really fun game. Quite different from the other Castlevanias, but just as difficult and enjoyable.

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