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Reviews for Jaws for NES

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A gentle giant. (John ramirez in California)
  September 17, 2016

This game was alot better than i thought.its just like the movie but more intense and actually pretty fun. I give it a 6 out of 10. Good game in new shape with free shipping. Thanks

It's fun. Really! (Brandon in Ontario)
  August 22, 2016

Not sure why this game is hated so much. The gameplay is fun and you can complete it in about 25 minutes. It's good if you just want to play through something easy and simple. If you start playing with the right mind-set it is fun.

Not too bad (Pete in Ontario)
  March 4, 2015

I had this game as a child which is the reason I re-bought it. Its not a great game and lots of people crap on it because it is monotonous, but for me it is fun to throw in once and awhile and have a little mindless fun with.

Though monotonous, you still get to kill Jaws. (Brent in Illinois)
  January 21, 2013

I have to admit, as a kid I rented this game several times for what I thought it could be, no for what it actually was. Now, as a adult, I've purchased it for the very same reason. All you do is constantly pilot a sailing ship back and forth between two ports. Sometimes you "hit something" with your boat and have to dive to investigate. Killing jellyfish, small sharks, and other sea creatures with your harpoon gun nets you seashells which you use to purchase upgrades for your boat, such as Jaws sonar. The great white makes an appearance now and depleting his health completely gives you the chance to finish him "Jaws: The Revenge" style. If you're lucky, you'll kill him and it's over. Something to play when you're bored.

LJN Brand (Eugene in Texas)
  January 6, 2013

Another LJN mediocre game as usual.

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