Reviews for Pinball Quest

Reviews for Pinball Quest for NES

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Lots of Pinball Fun in one Cartridge!!! (Charles in California)
  December 6, 2015

This is my best NES Pinball cart!! Three tables of actual pinball with sports themes!! I like the Golf and Circus tables best, with the patriotic themed bowling least. The bowling table (Pop, Pop, Pop) gives the best scores!! There is the fantasy story table I never made much sense of or got very far in, but the three tables of recognizable pinball make this cart a keeper!!!

Strange but very good pinball game. (Mac in Spain)
  August 25, 2012

I like pinball games. And I didnt know this until found a video on youtube. And in real it is better. You can play in a several pinball tables: golf, circus, etc but what it does special about this game is the RPG pinball mode. Never see anything like that. And it is very cool because there is a story (rescue a princess) and you move from a cemetery to a castle groundyard to a throne room... also, between tables, you can buy things with your points. So if you want to play for a little time you can choose the circus tablet and if you want an adventure you play rpg table! Very good.

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