Reviews for Remote Control

Reviews for Remote Control for NES

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90s Memories (Earl Gillispie in California)
  June 4, 2016

Remote control NES game! Text us back to when life was complete nostalgia it was Nintendo Nintendo and more Nintendo and the games that it had to offer! Featuring your friends from the neighborhood and all over and Beyond to plenty of late nights featuring Domino's Pizza Pizza Hut and so much more and plenty of Coca-Cola to boot! I love this game and all other games like I give it 4 stars enjoy all! And please remember power to all the Retro gamers

Good times (Joe Todaro in California)
  April 10, 2013

If you were a fan of the TV show like I was then you'll enjoy this game. The questions are easy so you should have no problem beating the computer. Its a lot of fun.

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