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Reviews for Pinball for NES

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Really fun pinball game. (Chuckzom in Indiana)
  May 24, 2018

I remember playing this as a child. It is still good for hours of fun. Never gets old.

Fun for me (Aaron Wong in Malaysia)
  November 11, 2017

One of my favourite, save a lot of money going to arcade.

Really fun game for all ages! (Earl Gillispie in Georgia)
  March 24, 2017

A classic really really fun game for all ages! And not to mention could be a challenging game at sometime would highly recommend this game for plenty of family fun lol lol lol God bless you all take care and enjoy!!

Blast from my past!! (Paulie T. in Connecticut)
  May 24, 2016

I wish they kept track of game time hours 30 years ago because I lost a chunk of my childhood to this addictive game.

Great Pinball!! (Charles D in California)
  November 16, 2014

My score is heart-breakingly low (for pinball) but the game has a lot of features and extra levels. Nice colors too!!

Great game (jacob Hodgkins in Ontario)
  June 13, 2014

this is one of the cheapest games on the site and i could play it for hours and hours its super addictive and it came in perfect condition even tho i ordered scratched

cool (mike in Alabama)
  April 30, 2013

passes the time

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