Reviews for Adventure Island

Reviews for Adventure Island for NES

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Nostalgia for the win (Harry Lunn in Oregon)
  October 14, 2018

Got this game for my wife, she loves it, it was her favorite game growing up. Huge bonus husband points.

Best Game (Bertha in Alabama)
  July 2, 2016

I was so excited to recieve this game. I had been looking for it online for the longest time and I finally found it here. The game was in good condition, it took a few tries to get it to work but thats part of the gaming experience with NES systems lol I loved this game as a kid and I'm glad I was able to finally play it.

classic fun (Robbie in British Columbia)
  June 4, 2015

smooth transaction from jjgames. adventure island is a classic hudson soft title that is a must own on the nes.

Really challenging, yet fun platformer (Mikko in Finland)
  December 10, 2012

Adventure Island is classic platformer game, but really really challenging in my opinion.

Best Game Ever Made (JOSHDILISI in Ontario)
  November 28, 2012

this game is so much fun! i cant believe i didnt know about it till a few days ago! if you get the chance, i recommend buying this game right away :)

i love the game (kendra odom in North Carolina)
  March 16, 2012

i don't get to play it as much as i would like to but i think it is the system itself. could you tell me what makes the system keep blinking asd not working? is there something i could do to fix it at home or is it probaly beyond fixing?

I would recommend it

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