Reviews for Castlevania

Reviews for Castlevania for NES

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Great Classic (Eugene in Texas)
  December 2, 2013

This game brings back the frustration, the pain, the old school difficulty, but it's still a great game.

Classic platforming at its best (DJ Ricky D in Australia)
  June 29, 2013

Simple to play yet frustratingly challenging. This game set the bar on platform games in the era along with other greats such as Mega man ect... It has evolved into a dozen spinoffs and is still popular today. See where it all began!

The beginning of what would be one of the greatest franchises ever! (Aaron Hagel in Illinois)
  June 13, 2013

This game is what started my love for the Castlevania series. One I'll cherish from my childhood.

perfect example of a prime nes game (Rhan in Ontario)
  April 7, 2013

Castlevania is a very hard game that is all about mastering every level and being aware of your surroundings it will take you many attempt to get past some obstacles but it is so much more rewarding when you finally do it because of the difficulty. Perfect example of what NES games were all about.

Great game, pretty challenging (Josh in Michigan)
  September 13, 2012

I can't say much except that it's what I expected. All the NES games I've gotten from JJGames run well (even if some need slight cleaning). Great music and gameplay -- look into Castlevania III Dracula's Curse if you want more of this game with a lot more features.

Solid game. (Jordan in Alberta)
  May 7, 2012

I loved the Snes Castlevania, but had never played a Castlevania for the Nes before. With an opening title like this one it's easy to see why the Castlevania franchise it is so popular.

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