Reviews for Final Fantasy X

Reviews for Final Fantasy X for Playstation 2

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Best game (Pamela Biddle in Texas)
  July 23, 2018

love this game it is great

great game (Amanda Adamson in Washington)
  April 2, 2018

love playing the game for hours

AWESOME (NYWriter69 in Alabama)
  January 26, 2017

Great graphics, in excellent condition and we are having the time of our lives with it.

Great Game (Anonymous in Texas)
  August 24, 2015

Best rpg out Still...

worked great (tifasshirt in Arizona)
  June 18, 2015

used disc so a few scratches, but ive had no problem playing it on my ps2 system. thanks jjgames!

Childhood favorite that couldn't have been better. (Anonymous)
  March 16, 2015

Amazing game that will always be treasured in my heart. Never was able to beat it as a kid, but now 10 years later I have conquered Sin!

Still great for gameplay (Shawn C. in Ontario)
  November 13, 2014

I gave my copy away 12 years ago, thinking I'd never play Final Fantasy X again. I wasn't impressed with how linear the game progressed, and wanted a big world map to explore, the way I spent countless hours exploring in Final Fantasy VII and VIII. Once you accept what this game isn't, there's a lot of fun to be had. We'd probably have different complaints about it if it did follow the old formula. I was enchanted by the HD remake, played through it on my Vita, and picked it up again on PS2. The graphics were definitely smoother in my memory, but the game's all there. This is one of the best games for the PS2.

Great (Taylor in Utah)
  August 14, 2014

Love the game. JJ games did a great job packaging and shipping it to me.

My brother loves it! (Ariel in Washington)
  January 3, 2014

My brother is super happy with this game. I am so glad I found it here. Thank you sooooo much.

Great Game! (John in Mississippi)
  May 28, 2013

This is when Square really stepped it up when bringing the series to the PS2. Everything fans of the series would expect is here and then some.

I received the game much sooner than I expected and it was in absolute perfect condition. I will be buying from here from now on.

Excellent! (Billy Mangino in New Jersey)
  May 5, 2013

I bought 2 copies of this game for me and my younger brother. It used to be our favorite game and we had lost it some time ago. Finding a new copy was hard and pricey. When i found them here for this awesome price I didn't hesitate to buy us two copies as a birthday present. Thanks JJgames! I know who to go to now when I'm looking for some gamin nostalgia!

The battle theme. (Thank you in Texas)
  November 8, 2012

Get it for the battle theme. And the sphere grid. And everything else.

great (dj in Alabama)
  August 2, 2012

woderful iloveit

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