Reviews for Nintendo NES Controller

Reviews for Nintendo NES Controller for NES

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One of the best and more reliables controlles evermade (P. Tonetti in Spain)
  November 7, 2019

I'm teaching my father to play videogames on the NES with this and is awesome.

Original Nes controller (Toby s in Georgia)
  July 13, 2019

Used but in good condition. Buttons still work well and dpad still feels good. Not worn out. Thank you, for a good used Nes controller. I highly recommend JJ games!!

Nes original controller (TobieS in Georgia)
  December 17, 2018

Controller works well. Had lots of scratches on it. Controller to be 30 years old still looked alright. I cleaned it plays great! buttons aren't worn out still has nice firmness and the d pad arrows worked aren't loose. Thanks Mr. JJ !!!!

Nintendo controller (Lisa ortiz. in Texas)
  November 4, 2018

Works great! Works like new...

Classic that never dies (luis adorno in Puerto Rico)
  June 15, 2018

The control looks brand new. And works like a charm. I did find a small lag using it with retron 5 console.

Good value (Kurty v in New York)
  June 11, 2018

Controller works well and came in good time. Free shipping is awesome!

Controller works amazingly (Ashley in Michigan)
  May 31, 2018

My children have used it and dropped it many times and still works like new!

Great Controller (Flor T in Alabama)
  May 4, 2018

This controller works very well and it was cheap too. I was impressed that it was in a good condition. I will probably buy some games from this site.

Awesome (Chris Brett in California)
  February 3, 2018

I am very happy with the controllers .Thank Youl

NES Controller (Nicholas Lewis in California)
  January 14, 2018

For a used controller it is great shape and works great.

Can't beat the original (pezmed in Mississippi)
  July 20, 2017

Controller was in good condition and works as expected. The pads and buttons were not too loose or mushy from use which is good. You can't go wrong having the original NES controller.

Great controller (Edward Olshefski in Florida)
  June 2, 2017

The controller works great. I got it for my Retron 2 to see if it was compatible as it says and it works. It was great holding that old time game controller once again.

OG controller (Jeffrey Crebs in Hawaii)
  February 23, 2017

Thank you JJGAMES for an OG controller. I remember playing my first nintendo entertainment system back in the late 80's. This controller is the real deal and I am really enjoying playing my AVS retro USB game console. It paired with two of your controllers and the two NES games I have bought from you.

  February 5, 2017


Really Good (Brint in Georgia)
  August 8, 2016

Ordered two controllers which even though used were clean and in excellent condition. Great feel. Thanks again JJ Games.

Cintroller (Rich in Michigan)
  June 5, 2016

Could been cleaned entire face of controller needs goo gone

Great quality (Derek in Florida)
  May 26, 2016

Very clean and responsive. Good purchase

Great condition (Al in Alabama)
  February 15, 2016

Everything is good here. No complaints.

Best ever (Chris Murphy in Oregon)
  December 21, 2015

Thanks for everything you guys are the best ever # 1 in my book

Like new (Danny Cuenin in Arizona)
  October 12, 2015

Love it. Original. Works perfect.

Trash Quality, But it works well (Mohammad in Massachusetts)
  August 2, 2015

You get what you pay for, the thing works but its full of dirt in the massive scratches all over this thing

The thing is also loose and threatening to come apart if its pulled the wrong way on its rusty screws

I saw it dirt cheap on this website and i got it for my friend and so far he loves it but i think that JJ could of at least refurbished it with new screws or something

But again "You get what you pay for"

very good (Pate in Finland)
  March 17, 2015

I bought many controllers all works great and was good condition

Doesn't work (Anthony Gualano in New Jersey)
  March 9, 2015

I have emailed you 4 times regarding this broken controller and even called and left a message. I even sent back with documentation and have not heard back from you at all.

NES game controller (Joseph in West Virginia)
  March 9, 2015

The controller is in great shape, and the buttons and d-pad don't stick and aren't worn out

Ok (Denice Palmer in Michigan)
  March 8, 2015

Got what I paid for. Stained and scratched but works.

Great Controller for a Great Price (Eugenia Munoz in Texas)
  February 16, 2015

This was a good controller over all, I would recommend buying if looking to save some money. The thumb pad was a little difficult to press to the left side but other than that it was in good conditions as described.

One Fan's enjoyable Nintendo Remembered. (Joseph Casso in New York)
  May 17, 2014

The controller I purchased functioned perfectly as i remember my original setup years ago.It is good to see the products are still available, thank you .

Half and half (Hempsted in Texas)
  December 12, 2013

The one I got with the system works great. The extra one I purchased doesn't work at all.

Half and half (Hempsted in Texas)
  December 12, 2013

The one I got with the system works great. The extra one I purchased doesn't work at all.

Great Controller (Alex Everett in Connecticut)
  November 18, 2013

The original NES controller is great. It fits comfortably in your hand. It's simple design makes it easy to use.

awesome (Phill in Ontario)
  November 16, 2013

Works great

Awesome (AVGN in Puerto Rico)
  July 18, 2013

Woo amazing

This control is great (Diegokc in Florida)
  June 16, 2013

The control works great, is like new. Recommended if you lack a control.

Cheap original controller (Ismo Huusko in Finland)
  June 5, 2013

Cheap original Nintendo NES controller

Great Condition! (Anonymous in California)
  March 23, 2013

Great condition NES controller and very cheap!

great (Albert Mata)
  February 4, 2013

It works fine buttons arent sticky it is not faded I like it

nes controller (Kyler in Oregon)
  July 10, 2012

it may be classic, but thats the best controller

Nintendo Controller (Jackaroo 343 in Massachusetts)
  June 9, 2012

It works great but it has a few scraches on it. love it

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