Reviews for Dark Cloud

Reviews for Dark Cloud for Playstation 2

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excellent game (thatguy94 in Nova Scotia)
  September 9, 2015

love this game for the building aspects as well as the realism for limited stamina, hydration, music,and strategy. fun game i suggest to all, not as good graphics as the second but still a great game

a lot of fun when i was younger......o look it still is (Seth in Illinois)
  May 16, 2015

rpg elements and city builder/manager elements what's not to love?

dark cloud (Benjamin Gobin in Oklahoma)
  November 6, 2014

I really like the game I haven't beat it yet though

good game (Nathaniel Loy in Illinois)
  April 21, 2012

I have almost beat this game i am in the final dungeon in the game called gallery of time. That is the dungeon name. Dark cloud is a great action and adventure game. It is a big knock-off of zelda and other games such as Kingdom hearts and other games.

I suggest this be a game for everyone and even adults. This should be your first PS2 game for the PS2. Thats action and adventure

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