Reviews for Mega Man 2

Reviews for Mega Man 2 for NES

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Great Challenging Game (pezmed in Mississippi)
  July 20, 2017

Mega Man 2 is a classic with great game play that has held up over time. It can be challenging but not overwhelming so.

The music is great and the graphics are top notch for a NES game. I can see myself coming back to this game to play over and over so good re-play value.

Overall 4.8 out of 5!

If you own NES, this is a must in your collection.

Amazing Game (Jameson in Oklahoma)
  July 16, 2017

It seems silly to write a review on this game as many people know it well, but for those who don't I highly recommend it. Your mission is to take down eight robot masters and defeat the evil Dr. Wily afterwards. After you defeat a robot master, you get its weapon. The level select system of the game allows you to play the levels in any order you want. Use this wisely as some weapons work better against some robot masters than others. The controls are incredibly tight and responsive, making platforming a piece of cake. This game is not extremely hard like other mega man games, but is still challenging at times. I absolutely love this game.

Best game on the NES (Alexi in Finland)
  April 28, 2016

Still rocking!

great game (George Gibbs in Louisiana)
  December 31, 2013

Loved megaman and still a fan of It :)

Only 5 stars? Not enough!! (Aichybatoal in Illinois)
  January 31, 2013


Buy it - whatever the price, it's worth it (at least on JJGames, it is)! Unbeatable. Untouchable. Unchallenged by any of the other games in the series (except perhaps for 3, but that's another review...). If anyone tells you that "Money can't buy happiness," push this game in their face and laugh, because they're wrong!

Best Mega Man Game! (Matt in Ontario)
  December 12, 2012

This I'd the game that really started one of the biggest gaming franchises! The music is awesome. The gameplay classic. Just enough challenge and best power up METAL BLADES. Just a Vlasic that should be in any nes or mega man fans collection

Works and in good condition! (Anthony Dembinski in Massachusetts)
  December 2, 2012

Favorite site for retro games. Best prices. Always comes as advertised. This game improved on Mega Man 1 and is probably the best game in the series. Its also great to have if you just cant afford Mega Man 1 in your collection yet like me!

Super-awesome! (Alexi in Finland)
  August 30, 2012

Anyone who has ever played this game feels it. There is no other mega man- game which is as good as this. El classico!

Just Perfection (Braden Griffiths in Alberta)
  April 12, 2012


nuff said!

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