Reviews for Mega Man 3

Reviews for Mega Man 3 for NES

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Great (Juan in Louisiana)
  January 16, 2015

Best mega man by far!!!!

Best MM on NES? (Croz in Florida)
  January 22, 2014

It certainly is for me. Great stages, tough bosses, a killer soundtrack, and the sliding move! What more could you want??

good game (Eugene in Texas)
  June 7, 2013

good game.

Perhaps even better than Megaman 2! (Aichybatoal in Illinois)
  January 31, 2013

Megaman 1 was a good start. Megaman 2 REALLY hit the nail on the head, and is the best in the series. But not by far - Megaman 3 came along and actually stood up to the second one. The graphics are better (I think), the Robot Masters are VERY cleverly themed (who would have thought that Snake Man could turn out well?), and overall, it's much harder. I find this more desireable, because Megaman 2 was a little easy for me. All things considered, it is a very worthy successor to Megaman 2. If you have to either get this one or it's predecessor, get Megaman 2 because its replay value is higher, but definitely don't hesitate to make Megaman 3 the very next addition to your collection!

Megatastic (Glenn Muylst in Belgium)
  January 22, 2013

As this was the first game I ever played, I may just be a bit nostalgic. But you can't deny that besides Mega Man 2, this is one of the best in the entire series on NES. Every gamer that wants to have an 8-Bit collection should get a copy of this and cherish it 'till the end of time.

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