Reviews for Mega Man 6

Reviews for Mega Man 6 for NES

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The final classic Mega Man game for NES (Glenn Muylst in Belgium)
  April 4, 2013

Not the best of the bunch but certainly worth having in your collection. It features robot masters designed by fans, a lot of split paths during stages and a whole bunch of collectible upgrades for the Blue Bomber.

Amazing!!!! (Hector in Quebec)
  January 28, 2013

It's a mega man game, what more do I need to said? It's amazing.

Last in a Great NES Series (Joe in Ontario)
  October 5, 2012

Mega Man 6, like it's predecessors, provides many challenges and hours of entertainment. It may not be the best one in the series, but it is worth playing for anyone who is a fan of Mega Man.

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